Friday, July 31, 2009

Campfires and Family

Ahhhhhhh. This is life! Since our departure from Tyler last weekend and our arrival in Indiana, life has been kinda relaxing. My loving husband hasn't' started work yet and neither have I. So we have had lots of 'down' time. Aside from the minor details of having to find a place to live, unpacking, settling in, figuring out what we need and what we don't need, shopping for things we need and don't have, turning utilities on, trying to find the best deal on cable...or will it be satellite?, fixing things that broke during the move, fixing things that were already broken in the new (to us) house, changing diapers, and discovering our new neighborhood on bikes, we have been blessed with the opportunity to spend lazy moments with some very loving family. We are talking camp fires (and smores of course) trampoline jumping, tandem bike riding, long country drives, lazy mornings with bacon and pancakes, or a little biscuit and gravy and probably the most important thing to my loving husband and I has been the fact that our little boys can now play outside at anytime and it doesn't have to be in the water. Don't get me wrong, Texas was amazing. But the summers were brutal. And that's putting it mildly. No running and jumping outside for extended periods of time. And certainly no going barefoot. But here, up north, it's a different story! The boys have spent hours and hours playing outside. Barefoot. In the grass. It's been a blessing to witness and be a part of.
Life is good. Indeed. I love Indiana. I love being close to family. I still miss Texas and all my friends down there. But, Life Is Good.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Good Byes and Hellos

Let me start by apologizing for falling behind here on the LePage Family Stuff. But if you are even remotely close to us you know the big changes that have been taking place in our lives. These changes have totally consumed me. My thoughts. My prayers. My sleep. My friends. My friends. My friends. My friends. And oh, my friends! How I miss my friends!

My loving husband has gotten a job that he has wanted for years. And it's not in Texas. Nope. Not even close to Texas. In fact, it's precisely 1000 miles north of Texas. And if you are any good with your geography you'd know that would put us about 50 miles northwest of Indianapolis. Lafayette, Indiana to be exact. This is home for my loving husband. His dream. And here we are. Finally living it. Good job. Great little house. Close to family. Long, long, long way from friends and from a church we grew to love more than anything. Glenwood kept us in Tyler for a lot longer than we ever anticipated being in Tyler. It was worth every extra day we spent there. You wanna know why? Well, I'll tell ya.

Not only is Glenwood the "singing-est group of people", it's also the most loving and accepting group of people. And they all love God. And love to serve. Just look at these beautiful faces:

Did I mention the people of Glenwood love to serve? Well, that's an understatement. We knew only about 10 days before we moved that we were going to, um, move. So, we kinda started to mention it to people. People we thought might be able to help us. The night before we got the UHaul we figured we had 5 guys ready to come help us the next morning. And we felt totally blessed to have those five guys and their muscles. Well, at 7 am this past Saturday morning those five guys showed up right on time. But you know what? So did 5 other guys! Amazing. Today was unloading day. Welcome to Indiana. Where the weather is at least 20 degrees cooler! That in itself is a gigantic blessing! Now the boys can play outside anytime and we don't have to worry about them succumbing to the East Texas heat! We found a great little house. Picket fenced back yard. Perfect. Corner lot. Walking trails. Parks. Close to everything, but off the beaten path. And once again we had some amazing help! And this, my friends, is our new home sweet home. Texas LePage Family: Welcome to Indiana!