Thursday, July 29, 2010


Hi. Remember me?

I know it's been an incredibly long time since the last post. Forgive me. How about this for an apology:Pizza makes everything better.Even Landry thinks so. Look at those two handsome guys. I have recently learned that everything must be purchased in twos -when it comes to the boys. Lukas was our only for so long, he didn't have to share. Now that Logan is here and old enough to stand up for himself he desires what ever it might be that his BuBu has in his hot little hands. So - we got two pizzas to make.They both had an amazing time putting the pizza together. Logan's favorite part was the cheese. Lukas kinda enjoyed the peperoni placement. And it's here that I will tell you - because you cannot see this from the photo above - but Logan loves pineapple. He was picking those tidbits off that pizza faster than I could put them on. IT was HILARIOUS! This reminds me of another story. Hope you want to hear it - it is a good one: Lukas was about a year and a half old and it was Jimmy's (my amazing step dad) birthday. Jimmy's favorite cake is pineapple upside down cake. So Lukas and I made that cake. After it was all ready we went and surprised Jimmy. I placed the cake on the counter and promptly placed Lukas down on a stool next to the cake. I turned around to talk to Jimmy for maybe 20 seconds. When I turned back around every single cherry was gone! And there sat a happy Lukas with sticky fingers and great big smile. sigh I will never forget that story. Or the look on Lukas's face. Priceless. Precious.
So anyways, back to pizza:All smothered in cheese and ready to bake!Can I just say DELICIOUS!? And look at that boy slice that pie. Master chef. Pizza. Quite possible the very best food. Ever.