Friday, November 28, 2008

A Trip to the Zoo

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We sure did. We spent ours with some close friends. Ate lots, relaxed lots, watched football lots and ate lots more! With Thanksgiving, came our first 'school break'. A whole week. Lukas was more than thrilled. So, with all this time off, we had to find some ways to busy ourselves. My friend Meaghan had a great idea - the Zoo. I remember when I first moved to Tyler and learned that there was a zoo here. I had these images in my mind that didn't include real zoo animals. You know. The elephants, giraffes, lions..etc. Boy, was I wrong. The zoo here - Caldwell Zoo, is actually one of the best zoos I have been to. It has every animal you could imagine. Lukas' personal favorite are the anteaters. I have absolutely no idea why. But that is what he looks forward to every time we go. He will run by the white tigers, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, otters, penguins and go straight for the anteaters. Oh, he might make a pit stop by they snakes. shiver. Ugh. I very strongly dislike snakes. Big and small. Nice or not. Venom or no venom. NO thank you! None for me. I'll pass. And here's why:Yeah. The look on Matthew's face pretty much says it all. That's exactly how I feel about the slithery things! On a happier note:Three little bambinos. Oh, yeah - and you can kinda see the giraffes in the background. I guess I need to work on my photography skills, huh? That's just me though. More focused on the kids than on what's going on around us. And speaking of being focused:
Logan sure had a good time. Eating his beloved Cheerios, that is. And pausing to pose for this awesome photo opp:No, really. He did have a good time and he enjoyed stopping to see all the different animals - as long as they were brightly colored and not being all sedentary like those crocodiles were acting. See, this photo really misses the look on Logan's face. Like I said earlier - I need to work on my photographing abilities. But he was totally focused on those pretty pink birds. Here's one where I changed my focus:Only because he was trying to get at Logan's Cheerios! I wanted to give him one sooo bad, but I held myself back. Cuz I am sure he would have told all of his other little billie friends and then they would have all been trying to stick their funny looking tongues through that fence. Oh, and just one more crazy animal:Oh, wait. That was not an animal we saw at the zoo. This was an animal I spotted outside our brand new digs. But, like I always say: 'better out than in'! I am shivering. Again. Now, if I could just get my hands on that big snake...I am certain he'd take care of this little problem!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Legos & Lukas

Legos. A true childhood joy. Lukas didn't really have any interest in the bright and colorful blocks until about 6 months ago. And it's been nonstop since. He sure does get proud of his creations. I remember him bringing something into the bedroom and placing it on the dresser with strict orders to "leave it there and don't let anyone take it apart!" It would stay there for days...until my OCD would kick in and I would have the sudden urge to take it away from the bedroom and break it apart and place it neatly back in the Lego box. Would Lukas notice? You betcha, he'd notice. I got the biggest "awwwwww mommy! I built that for you!" sigh. What's an OCD mommy to do?
Logan has already developed a rather large interest in the bright blocks. It acutally started with the Big Yellow Bus that carried the over sized legos. Logan was all about the bus...and he would immediately turn the bus over and spin the wheels. Over and over. Eventually he turned to the blocks inside the bus. And now that he has discovered his older brothers littler - is that a word? legos he goes nuts with them. He gets so excited. My boys. They like their Legos. And I like when they can play together. It's the sweetest thing to witness: And just in case you forgot, Lukas is a boy of many faces..none of which smile sweetly or shyly - is that a word? for the camera.This is the best he could do. I wonder what his senior pictures will look like? I cant wait to see those in about 13 years...

Monday, November 17, 2008

All Better

After a week or so of battling fevers, I think they are all better. Logan got it first, then of course Lukas thought he needed it and we certainly can't keep these things to ourselves so, sorry Kim, I am certain that Lukas went ahead and shared it with Jonathan (albeit before we knew Lukas had it!), who shared it with Kaleigh who shared...well, you know the story. I am happy to report that we now have two, happy, healthy boys who are, once again, full of energy!

And in my effort to continue to give thanks:
21. Thermometers that are digital and light up for those 2am readings.
22. Infant Ibuprofen
23. Children's Tylenol
24. new babies (welcome Tyler!)
25. Diet Coke
26. That Lukas can ride his bike with his buddies on his 'day off' (aka Saturday).
27. Blogger
28. Girls Night
29. Nicholas Sparks
30. A husband who enjoys taking care of his kids
31. Double Dave's Pizza
32. Ebay
33. Fall and the leaves changing colors and falling from the trees
34. The cooler weather
35. Warm fuzzy hats and gloves
Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever. 1 chr 16:34

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Like Father, Like Sons?

Is it bad that I am constantly comparing my boys? Actually, I am not sure if comparing is the right word here. It's just so funny to me how much Logan reminds me of Lukas and Lukas reminds me of my loving husband ~ which would equal Logan reminding me of my loving husband as well wouldn't it? They all do some of the same things (they also all three have the EXACT same feet, and as my boys know, I LOVE me some baby piggies - aka feet?!
It just strikes me as...I dunno, weird. Almost surreal. I mean, I know these boys came from the same parents, but to have so many similarities...
You all will remember this:

Well, tonight I went to check on my boys and when I walked into Logan's room and peered over his crib here is what I saw:
Cute, huh? Totally racked. I think the LePages call this "one leg up".

But, the moment I saw it, it brought back this memory:Uncanny isn't it? I wonder if Logan will always follow in Lukas' footsteps?
Oh more thing...
I wonder who they get it from?
This, my friends is the Lepage "one leg up". Total comfort and relaxation. I will never forget my sister-in-law telling me a story about how someone was a knockin' on her door and she was annoyed cuz, "c'mon! I had one leg up!"
Although I was not born a LePage like my loving husband (pictured above) or my sister-in-law, I have married into the LePage family. And, in my years as a family member, I have had many moments to try this little maneuver out. and Ahhhhhh. Oh yeeeahhhh..... it IS comfy! ("I DO like green eggs and ham sam i am!") Try it. I dare ya.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Giving Thanks

Lists. I love lists. I really do. Christmas card lists, Christmas wish lists, the what-to-pack-for-the-Holiday-vacation list, grocery list for Thanksgiving Dinner. It's just that time of year for lists. And, I know I am not alone. I know I have friends who also feel the same absolute joy and fulfilment of Making The List.

I am also good at keeping other lists. You know the ones. The list of how many ways someone has hurt me. The list of all the injustices forced upon me. The list of all my losses, failings and inadequacies. The list of all the what-ifs. These are not the lists I write down. And they are not the lists I am proud of. Isn't it remarkable how quickly we can recall these lists in detail when we are down? Why is it that when one situation brings pain…it revives the wounds of other situations that are similar? Sometimes I wish our brains could just permanently erase things. But then we would have to erase some of the good too...and who wants to do that? He says that there will be trials and tribulations. BUT:

My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life. ps 119:50

One of our beloved missionaries in the Glenwood Church of Christ, Cheryl, has been making a list called One Thousand Gifts. Actually - I think she started it over a year ago. But I have thought about that blog post of hers so much in the last year and every time she makes a new post of all that she is thankful for I feel more and more convicted to do the same. So, here I go in my effort to turn my focus...And give thanks.

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever. 1 chr 16:34

My goal is to post parts of the list over the next year. I’m working towards 1000….making note of the things that God is giving me everyday. And what better time to start than today - just as we all begin to 'Think Thanksgiving'. Yep. Today is the perfect day to start.

1. My precious boys.

2. The ability to hear the giggles of those boys.

3. A faithful and loving husband.

4. My husband playing with our kids.

5. Rain.

6. Church Family.

7. Cookies.

8. Memories of my daddy.

9. Friends.

10. Vacations.

11. A warm bed.

12. Wal-Mart.

13. The Internet and it's ability to help me stay in touch with friends and family.

14. Driving in the car with the windows down and sunroof open.

15. Hearing my oldest singing "Shout Hallelujah!"

16. Watching my youngest learn to clap his hands.

17. That my husband and I both have secure jobs.

18. For another day to live the life I have been given.

19. The health of my family and myself.

20. Changing of the seasons.

I hope this jogs you a little bit, like it has me. Perhaps you will feel the same convictions I have. I give my many thanks each day in my talks with God. This is a little out of my element. And that, my friends, is a good thing.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Photo Tag

I got this idea from my friends Kim and Chelsea. Here's the scoop: Post your first picture from your first photo file, second photo from your second photo file, third from the third...etc all the way to 10. No editing, no cheating. So, here I go...I have no idea what I am about to find. It's kind of exciting...
From the April 2008 folder - Lukas' fifth birthday at Jumpin Jacks Party Shack

From the August 2008 folder ~ Logan's first sink bath

From the Branson, MO and my loving husband posing for this fine photo opp on the train.

From the Easter file ~ Lukas first time to dye Easter Eggs. I think he was just about to turn 4.

From the Family Visit February 08 - Logan's Gammie get some snuggles!

From the January 07 boys!

From the June 08 file...Logan loves to swim!

From the July 07 file...*SIGH* Freckles and Sir Napoleon LePage the First. What more can I say? From the March 07 file...Galveston Island, Spring Break.

From the May 08 file...Logan LOVED to look at himself in the mirror. In fact, he still does!

OK - now it's YOUR turn! Come on, you know you want'll be fun. I promise!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Anybody else on a sugar high??

Well, it came and went. Again. It always does. Halloween. And now, the candy. Oh, the candy! Biggest thanks to all the strangers (and friends) out there who handed us all that sweetness! We had a great time. We joined my friend Stephanie and two of her three kids. The oldest and her husband were gone, cuz today marks the opening of "Huntin' Season." Up north - that day is a sacred holiday! And her family knows that cuz they have lived 'up north'.
Lukas had a great time. But I first have to start with this:Yes, that's a Mohawk. And yes, that's a white t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up, minus the cigarette carton. Yesterday was 50's day at Lukas' school. He was thrilled with his Mohawk. I should have taken a better picture, he has dark jeans on and they are rolled up as well. He really fit the part well. As he ran off into the school, my mind was cluttered with images of the movie Pleasantville. He coulda stepped right off the set! Proud mamma!
Then there is this: Yep, that's our Lukas. Never one to pose nicely or sweetly for a picture. Some day, I imagine, I will get used to it! That's the crew. Stephanie watches Logan for us a few hours a week so I can bring some kind of income home. Her kids are totally crazy for the baby... Aspen was dressed as a baby - if you couldn't already tell. Blake is Bible Man. And Lukas, of course, if Jeff Gordon. I found myself watching Lukas run around in his little jumpsuit and thinking, "wow, that COULD be him one day..." then my heart sank and I immediately started worrying about him and then flashes of all those car wrecks on the race tracks...*shutter*. Leave it to a mom to ruin a moment! Lukas - you can be whatever you wanna be! Don't ya ever let me hold ya back baby!

And this one is for my friend Sharon. I know, I never post photos of myself. It's not on purpose, I promise! It's just that I am always the one taking the picture. And last night as we were getting ready to trick or treat, Lukas saw me snapping all these pictures and he said, "here mommy, let me take the picture!" My heart melted and I gave my biggest smile! Maybe he won't be a NASCAR driver. He seems to have a knack with the camera: