Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Belated Birthday

OK. So I know I'm a little behind. But in my defense I AM 36 weeks pregnant, a student, a mom, a part-time worker, a wife, a referee, a judge, healer of all minor wounds....need I say more? However, we did not forget about our youngest turning 2! I think both my loving husband and I were in awe at how fast the last two years flew right by. I still remember holding our newborn baby and thinking "hold on to this, its gonna fly by." So I held on tighter than I should have and it still flew by, darn it! How could you just not hold on to this precious chunk of love??

And before we knew it he was smearing his first birthday cake all over his face.And then all of a sudden he was holding a big boy cup and celebrating his 2nd birthday in his Papaw's big Gym with all of our new Indiana friends. Logan, you are truly something special! You have a zest for life and a smile that lights up an entire room. Everyone can see your happiness in your eyes. I cannot wait to see what the next year of your life brings our family! I have a feeling it's gonna be lots of laughs if this video is a sign of things to come!