Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Just a little fun on the couch.

I am so glad Lukas and Logan have each other. And I am even more glad they enjoy each other. What could be more fun than this? Ahhhhh....my boys. I love my boys.

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Photo Opp...or so I thought.

I really just wanted a good picture of the three little boy cousins. And I thought I had my moment. But I have learned it will be nearly impossible to get that perfect picture. Too much energy running through these guys! So, here's what happened:Sat the boys on the coffee table-slash-foot stool-slash-jungle gym. Do you think they would all look at me and smile at the same time? Noooooooo!This was an almost got it. Aside from Logan's cookey left eye thing, Lukas' deer in the headlights look, and Micah's sippy cup. We almost had it here. Almost.Then, big brother decides to grab little brother, just to see what happens.Here, Micah decided enough was enough and slipped down off the coffee table-slash-foot stool-slash-jungle gym.Then Logan decided he had had enough. And as you can see, this totally bummed out brother Lukas. Then, Lukas decided to lay down on the coffee table-slash-foot stool-slash-jungle gym. And Logan knew what should happen next:Logan, strong boy, succeeded in pushing his big brother off the coffee table-slash-foot stool-slash-jungle gym. Micah thought this was neat, so he decided to come join the photo opp again. Or maybe he just wanted in on the pushing of Lukas off the coffee table-slash-foot stool-slash-jungle gym....

Either way I am photo less. Well, not photo less really. I have lots of photos of these precious boys. Just not a single one of them all looking and smiling at me. sigh. Oh well. I have lots of those on my mental camera. This one did come close though...except Lukas is missing.
Oh, here's Lukas. Doing what he does best, when he shoulda been in the above photo!I don't blame ya dude. That is the most comfy spot on the blue couch.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Long Ago

Long ago...well actually, about a year and a half ago, I started this blog. Mostly to share the tales of our family with our family members who were far, far away. I also made mention that this might give my loving husband a chance to write and show off his abilities as a writer, because he is indeed good at writing. Well, we all know that hasn't happened. Until now anyways. And actually, he has no idea I am doing this. But as I read through the email he sent to a couple of our family members this morning I just knew it had to be shared with all our family and friends!

Good Wednesday everyone. I just had to share this story with you, while it's still fresh in my head. Enjoy.

Okay, so we went to our cub scout pack meeting last night at Lukas' school. A "bingo gift exchange" was publicized. I explained to Lukas what a "white elephant gift exchange" was but I told him I didn't know how this one would work. Lukas is stoked at his present possibilities.

We walk into the cafeteria and Lukas puts his wrapped gift with all the other wrapped gifts. After the pledge and announcements the game begins. Each father and son is given a bingo card and about half a bag of mini-marshmallows...enough marshmallows to feed the entire county, but the kids are told not to eat them. Here, let me load this gun, now don't shoot it.

We wait and fill in our bingo card...Lukas was probably the 6th or 7th winner, understand cards weren't cleared during the bingo process so winners were yelling out their elation about every 15 seconds. After Lukas' victory he walks down to the present table to make his selection. He's back in probably a minute later(it took him a while to find the perfect "gift").

The box he's chosen is a perfect cube. I know this isn't a good sign. Lukas later told me he thought a "big car" was inside. No chance. His unbridled excitement quickly turned to dismay when he unwrapped and saw the contents of his square of sorrow....a GIANT Hershey Kiss ?! What is a 6 year old going to do with that ? He looked at me, with these big puppy eyes and asked, "Daddy, when do we trade them?"

I informed our oldest that it wasn't that type of game and he got what he got...an intelligent, evening-saving question followed: "Can I TRADE if someone WANTS this gift?" I told him there was no harm in trying. And just like that he was off like a shot, a used car salesman on the pitch, targeting anyone, friend or foe who was lucky enough to reel in something that wasn't the worst gift in the history of gift-giving for kids under the age of 10.

I gotta hand it to our boy, he had a short-term memory, one denial didn't affect his pitch to the next huge embarrassing failure. Finally, his hard work paid off. The boy sitting next to Lukas as the bingo game was being played won and picked out a present as Lukas was on the prowl. He got a package of 5 Hot Wheels cars. Lukas tried his pitch one last time.....and the sucker bought it!!!! Happiness restored on the face of that boy of mine and he held them in the air as if he had made the cars with his own 2 hands.

But our story isn't over.....

A couple minutes later, the mother of our knight-in-awful-gift-giving-shining-armor walks up to our new best friend, gives him a puzzled look and says: "You picked out the one you brought, huh?" The look Lukas and I shared as we walked out of the cafeteria, recapping what kind of disappointment almost happened was priceless. What a way to welcome in the gift-giving season. Now I can't wait to see his face when he opens up a few more gifts this weekend.

Have joy-filled day my family, Joe

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thankful for Family

What a Thanksgiving weekend we had! We stayed close to home with Papaw and Gammie. Of course Aunt Jess joined us, and we were also blessed to have Uncle John, Aunt Sara, Cousin Micah and Cousin Baby Selah (or La La as Logan calls her!) It was neat to watch Logan and Micah. Micah is 6 months older than Logan. In baby time that is a HUGE span. Last time we were all together (think August) Micah tended to play more with Lukas. But give Logan 3 months time and this time Micah and Logan were buds. Although Micah is still crazy about "Louie". Speaking of Micah - kids are SO impressionable. Just one example: After a day with all of us together and Micah hearing Lukas call Uncle Johnny, um, Uncle Johnny (aka Micah's daddy) Micah started calling his daddy "Uncle Johnny". So sweet! Both Lukas and Logan were crazy about the youngest LePage, Selah. She's just too sweet to not be crazy about! She has the best smile, it lights up the room.
See? She grew fond of her Uncle Joe. After a hint of hesitation she realized he was an okay guy.
I totally agree.
Logan took to squatting over baby LaLa. He'd do this to talk to her, to point to her, to kiss her (as seen in above picture) and to just look at her pretty face. Um, did you happen to notice the cookie? Never put it down in the literal sense. It sure went down his tummy okay. Gammie kinda likes her too.And Lukas whopped Papaw at some Memory. This is game face!And it's totally safe to say that all three boys are crazy about trains. A post bath time Thomas movie was in order. All three sat still and quiet for at least 3 minutes! It was a precious 3 minutes though.

Oh yeah, and in the middle of our Holiday we had to pause and celebrate PaPaw and Gammies middle child's birthday. Jonathan turned 30!!!
Cake and ice cream time! Um, did you notice the finger in the cake? Yeah, that's the birthday boy. Gettin' the goodies.
And just because I love him and this is typical, I will close with this:

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yeah...and ice cream cake

A couple months ago I was in the kitchen and Logan and Dada were in the living room. It was near bed time. I asked Logan: "Logan, do you want some water?" and from the living room I heard this very deep voice say "Yeah". Very deep. And it became a staple in our house. Logan would say it on cue. And he knew. He knew that it was the way he was saying it that would crack his mama and dada up. Well, last weekend I went to Texas. I came back four days later and Logan hasn't said the word since. He just nods his head. Oh, and he's gotten really good at the word "no" of course.

This story has a point. I promise.

So tonight after dinner we decided to finish off the ice cream cake. Logan loves the ice cream cake. Lukas does too. I dished Logan a slice and chopped it up. He watched my every move. Then it was time. I showed him the bowl. His eyes were huge. I simply asked him if he wanted the ice cream. He nodded. I said: "say yeah" and guess what? He said "yeah". Ohhhh but it wasn't the deep-from-your-gut-yeah. It was a high pitched baby yeah. But, the moment he said it he realized it wasn't right. So he said it again right away. The second time was the deep, deep "yeah". YESSSSSS! So, I whipped out the camera, knowing this could very well be the last time we ever hear this.



Ask any parent. It works.

And here's proof:

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Frogs and Skeletons

Yes, they can co-exist. Cute and scary. Frogs and skeletons.Lukas has wanted to be a skeleton for Halloween since he watched The Karate Kid movie this past summer. And Logan, well Logan's costume was inspired by the bin full of Lukas's old stuff. The kids did have a lot of fun Saturday night. We went over to our neighbors house where we were treated to some good chili and great company. Then we all headed out to seek out the best candy. Logan was a bit withheld at first. Lukas, an old pro. After some encouragement and witnessing how all this really worked, Logan took off. He became shameless really. He'd push his way right through the group of kids already at the door being served their sweet treat. And he'd shove his hand up as high as he could and leave it there until that chocolate bar was placed in his little hand. Then he'd toddle over to where my loving husband and I were waiting, place his new treat in his basket and clap for himself. Then he'd run after the other kids. On to the next house, knowing full well what to expect. It was PRICELESS. And if I had a better camera, I could have captured it, but alas, my camera stinks at night time. So you will just have to use your imagination based on the above picture and imagine this green ball of fur toddling from door to door and reaching for the sugar. I promise. It. Was. Adorable.! And Lukas has already picked through the candy, determining what's his.

And my! oh my! do we have a lot of candy. Good thing I'm pregnant. I can eat it all, gain 20 lbs because of it, and blame it on the baby growing in my belly!SHE's in kind of a funky position. Her legs are stretched straight out above her. Kind of curled into a backward C. Her feet are pointing straight down over her head. Just for those of you who aren't experienced at reading ultrasound pictures. Ain't she a beauty!? We can't wait to meet her in March!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall in Indiana Part II

Our Pumpkin:
Well, not technically. But isn't he a charmer? If you have never met Logan's Papa Dennis, you can go ahead and say you have cuz that's exactly what he looks like. Seriously. And seriously, here is our pumpkin: In the beginning they are orange and nice looking. In the end, they turn black and glow and have creepy looking faces. ooooohhhhhh.....aaaaahhhhh.....
My loving husband had the fun job of gutting the little guy.And Lukas had to not participate in this part because he nearly threw up when we showed him the inside of the pumpkin and made him touch it. See him in the background there? Looking away from the pumpkin? He's mentally telling himself over and over "to not throw up". Poor baby. Logan wasn't sure what to think either. He didn't go as far as Lukas did. Logan wouldn't even touch the stuff.Lukas started to enjoy the whole 'pumpkin' idea when I handed him the marker and let him be the artist.Then my loving husband got the great big, and I need to add, not sharp knife and got busy.Everyone was waiting patiently. With baited breath. Then, the minor details.And: TA DA!!It was a fun family evening. The seeds are boiled in salt water and laying out to dry. Tonight they should be ready for roasting! I wonder if any of my boys are gonna enjoy those as much as I will?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall in Indiana

Yesterday was our last day of Fall Break. We spent it at Papaw and Gammie's house helping with the leaves. I use the term 'we and helping' very loosely here. My VIP job was corralling our youngest. The weather was perfect and the leaves were beautiful. After spending the last 4 falls in Texas I think I forgot just how beautiful the changing of the seasons are. In East Texas it's hot, hotter, hottest and humid. And though I grew to love and appreciate the heat, I do love the sound of crunching leaves beneath my feet and that smell. ohhhhh that smell! I don't know what that smell is, but it is a wonderful fall smell. Maybe it's roasted pumpkin seeds, cool air and leaves all mixed together. Whatever it is, it's wonderful. Anyways, back to my job of making sure our Logan wasn't under foot or running from the very scary TracVac, I decided it was a prime photo opportunity.Logan felt safest in his swing on this particular day. Up off the ground, away from the noisy leaf blower.
After an hour or so, he adjusted to the noise and was out and about, running through the crunchy leaves.Our Lukas had the fun job of helping Papaw on the TracVac. At least I though it looked fun. Perhaps he didn't think so much of it?Actually, this photo is a bit deceiving. This, my friends and family, is Lukas trying his hardest to not smile for a picture. Big bum that he is. I betcha that tonight when we carve that pumpkin I can get a smile or two outta him....wait and see!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


It goes without saying that Logan loves his "da da".

But when your 'da da' is on TV, here's what happens:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Logan's Response

When we told him he was gonna be a big brother:No, not really. Obviously he' too young to comprehend this simple fact.

But, this was the look on his face when I said , "Logan! Smile!" And this was the response on my loving husband's face when we entered the suite we'd be sitting in to watch the Boilermakers take on Notre Dame. And this was the look on my face. Now, had I known before hand how the game would go I surely would have had a look on my face that was more comparable to the look on Logan's face in the picture at the top of this post. It was exciting, boring, then way too stressful to handle. And they lost. Did I mention the flags? Yep. There were many - more than I can count on both my hands. I think either 1) the players were doing it on purpose to annoy me, or 2) the referees were plain old flag happy. Ohhhhh, but it was fun. And I'd go again in a heartbeat. Flags, losses, and stress and all. Totally worth it.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Haircuts from home

Lukas has been blessed with the thickest head of hair I have ever seen. I just know that some day he will totally appreciate this gift he has been given. Until then, we have to remind him that he just has too much hair and it needs to go from time to time. Otherwise he ends up looking something like a space cadet might look like, I imagine. In our efforts to save money, I took myself to Smart Style for my hair cut because... well..., I do love and trust my loving husband with his clippers and all....but I think my hair deserves, um, maybe someone with more 'girl hair cutting experience'. Well, I was wrong. She was a girl with scissors and that's about it. I'm not sure she even went through beauty school and finished. Cuz she butchered my hair. Sniff sniff. I keep telling myself, it'll grow. And I know it will. But I did learn...no wait, I actually already knew, that you get what you pay for in the hair cutting business. But, we do need so save money. So it was a sacrifice I was willing to make....just. this. once. Besides, it'll grow....
Lukas on the other hand, his hair cut experience was way better than mine on this day.

Look at that precision. Do you have any idea how hard it was for Lukas to be this still?? He got popcorn afterwards. He was just that still.
Finished product. I should have taken a before and after picture....but you get the idea. A good home made hair cut. By the 'best daddy in the world!' And that has absolutely nothing to do with the popcorn reward!

And not to be left out of a post....here is Logan just this morning. Enjoying some Go-Gurt on his new favorite perching spot. The blanket basket. He loves to sit here and eat his snacks and watch the world go by. I sure do love my boys. Hair and perching spots and all!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Cows and Milk

Hi Cow. You are about to be milked by my child.

They just go together. Cows and Milk. Milk and Cows. And our Lukas has known for a while, thanks to Columbian Park and their fake cow with fake utters, where milk comes from. Although he had never actually seen it with his own two eyes until this past weekend. Oh yes. There were real live lactating cows. And milk buckets. And would you believe that Lukas was the first in line?? Oh yes he was!
First, a little training. (aka a pep talk)Lukas just settled right on in there and got busy getting some milk."ooooo Mommy, that's warm!"And yes, this cow made the typical low groan of a "mmmoooooooooo" every third squeeze or so. Now, I'm not a farm girl so I have no idea what this moooooo means. But I have had three children, so I am pretty sure I know the sense of relief she must have been feeling. We spent a good part of our day there at Prophetstown. Carriage rides, chicken chasing, horse wrangling, popcorn eating (we did wash our hands, promise) and lots of watching out for manure. And you know what Lukas' favorite part was? Yep. Cows. Lactating ones. I am certain this was the experience of a lifetime for Lukas.

Now, I can't say for certain, but I think there's a small chance he may never want to drink milk again....