Thursday, August 26, 2010

Need a Laugh?

Then you've come to the right place. Seriously. If you are not giggling right along with 'da boys then I will give you a quarter.

My favorite part about this video (aside from Logan's incredibly contagious laugh) is the realness of our oldest. He's an actor you see. So when he realizes the camera is rolling everything about him changes. His voice, his stance, his smile...and I-love-every-bit-of-you-Mr.-Lukas-Magilacuttey. But I love even more your real self. And this is him, real. He knew I had the camera, but he didn't know it was in video mode. Priceless.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hello Fire Pit. We sure are happy to have you around. This was our very first campfire for our little family. And Papaw and Gammie were our very first house guests in our new home. So we did what LePage's do best. We campfired it up. Complete with S'mores!Could there possibly be anything cuter than this smile? And if you were thinking that our middle child looks a little drippy, I'd like to inform you that yes, he is indeed soaked. Because we had an impromptu water fight. Those are the best kind. The impromptu ones. The ones where you are all in your dry clothes and mom doesn't get mad when you get all wet. And she also doesn't get mad at you for spraying your little brother. No better place to dry off.
Landry and Gammie got to hang out together. They were safe from the water hose in the dry zone. I was there in that zone too. We gals melt when we get sprayed.
So earlier I mentioned S'mores. Here is our oldest getting a lesson on how to be very careful with the marshmallow (and hot dog) S'more comin' up! Did I ever mention that S'mores might be one of my very favorite things? Watching others enjoy them is pretty neat too.What a fun night...and so very relaxing. Just look at these chill dudes.