Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Morning

Let me start by saying that Logan slept in today. On the one day this week that I got to sleep in. Only Logan slept in a lot later than I did. 9:47 a.m. to be exact. WOW. Must have been a sleepy boy. But by about 8:30 a.m. our oldest was poking me with his little East Texas accent "I'm hungry mama. I really am." So I rolled outta bed and decided that since Logan was still sleeping I would surprise Lukas.He loved it! And he had no idea it was coming. Please excuse the M&M's. In my effort to eat sugar and flour free, I have had to keep the chocolate outta the house. I just happened to have these M&M's laying around with all my other cupcake cake ball items. And I think they worked just as well as the chocolate chips would have. Lukas didn't seem to mind.Once Logan woke up, he didn't seem to mind the M&M's either. In fact, they were his favorite part.Lukas decided he was still hungry. So he had just a regular pancake topped with strawberries and whipped cream.That's our growing boy. Eating us outta house and home. But hasn't gained a single pound in 14 months. 49.7 lbs. At his five year check up and again at his 6 year check up. As much as this boy eats, I cannot believe he doesn't weigh at least 49.9 lbs!

What happens when you give the whipped cream filled spoon to a one year old? Total happiness!Then a sugar high as witnessed in the following video:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Boys and Books

That is exactly how I feel Logan! All squishy faced. Anyways, the boys got some new books a while back. In my attempt to photograph my children together, I whipped out my trusty camera the moment I saw them plopped together on their little Wiggles couch.Of course, Logan wanted the couch all to himself. This is the way life is for a toddler. I guess he just needs his space.Oh but wait, what is Lukas looking at? This is a toddler with his curiosity peaked.Those books must be some really good reading. Would you just look at that excitment!?"Hey guys! Over here! Smile for the camera!" And this, my friends, is why it is impossible to photograph these boys together. One is always ready and the other usually has a 'huh, what's going on?' look. sigh. Oh well. Ya gotta love 'em!

Oh wait! Here's one more. Just to make ya smile a little bit bigger:mmmmmm...cupcake cake balls! Complete and total sweetness. The boy, that is.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


What happens when this happens?Why, this happens of course:The boys' bathroom is our 'safe room' when the East Texas severe weather hits. And it always hits in the late evening. And last night was no different. Paying close attention to what was coming our way, I kept Lukas up past his normal bed time. When the storm reared it's ugly head directly at Tyler, Texas, Lukas took cover in our 'safe room'. Only he was so tuckered out that he passed out. Right there on the bath mat on the bathroom floor. You can't tell from the picture, thanks to modern technology and the flash of a camera, but our electricity was out, so there were several candles burning up on the counter. Lukas must have taken great comfort in the cushy bath mat, warm blanket, burning candles and the strange quietness that envelopes a home when there is no electricity running through it. He slept right through all the nastiness and uncertainty that blew through town and right over our roof. Even as the thunder lingered on all night and into the morning, he nor Logan ever winced. Amazing. I, meanwhile, was shaking in my jammies, listening to the walls shake around me. Jumping up at every crack of thunder. Having said all this you'd have no idea that I really do enjoy a good East Texas thunderstorm. But when the local meteorologists keep repeating the words "heavy rotation" and "take cover" all the while the city's warning sirens blaring in the night, it's then that I don't really enjoy a good ole thunderstorm. Peace out! And watch out for "heavy rotation"!