Monday, August 17, 2009

1st Grade

This was August 2008:
All ready for his first day of Kindergarten at Bell Elementary. We thought he was a big boy then...but, boy oh boy! what a year a difference makes! Now he really is a big boy! Just look at him. All ready for his first day of First Grade at Burnett Creek Elementary.Again, I am amazed at how time has gone by. This is gonna be a great year for our Lukas. I just know it. His reading abilities will explode. He's gonna make some terrific new friends in our new town too. And we're gonna experience cold weather living and snowmen. We can't wait.
First Grade:
"There is no greater testament to the passing of time than a growing child."

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sleeping Patterns Part Deux

Okay. I know that Logan is growing up fast right before my very on eyes. But I still think he requires a crib. He is still just a baby. My baby. Anyways, he loves his crib. But he seems to have a special desire to be in a cramped place. And now that he is getting bigger, this has posed a problem in his crib. I guess a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do.
Makin' some room for those legs and piggies.
You might remember the original Sleeping Patterns post and this picture:How can that be comfortable? Someone help me understand.
ps - I realize he is wearing the same jammies in the old post as he is wearing in today's post. Dude has like 15 pairs of jammies. Maybe it's the jammies that are causing these funky sleeping positions? Is it possible? hmmmm...
Then there's this:

Yep. I think he just likes the confined sleeping place. But......Ahhhhhhh that is so much better! Cramped or not, Logan you are precious and loved!