Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fall in Indiana Part II

Our Pumpkin:
Well, not technically. But isn't he a charmer? If you have never met Logan's Papa Dennis, you can go ahead and say you have cuz that's exactly what he looks like. Seriously. And seriously, here is our pumpkin: In the beginning they are orange and nice looking. In the end, they turn black and glow and have creepy looking faces. ooooohhhhhh.....aaaaahhhhh.....
My loving husband had the fun job of gutting the little guy.And Lukas had to not participate in this part because he nearly threw up when we showed him the inside of the pumpkin and made him touch it. See him in the background there? Looking away from the pumpkin? He's mentally telling himself over and over "to not throw up". Poor baby. Logan wasn't sure what to think either. He didn't go as far as Lukas did. Logan wouldn't even touch the stuff.Lukas started to enjoy the whole 'pumpkin' idea when I handed him the marker and let him be the artist.Then my loving husband got the great big, and I need to add, not sharp knife and got busy.Everyone was waiting patiently. With baited breath. Then, the minor details.And: TA DA!!It was a fun family evening. The seeds are boiled in salt water and laying out to dry. Tonight they should be ready for roasting! I wonder if any of my boys are gonna enjoy those as much as I will?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall in Indiana

Yesterday was our last day of Fall Break. We spent it at Papaw and Gammie's house helping with the leaves. I use the term 'we and helping' very loosely here. My VIP job was corralling our youngest. The weather was perfect and the leaves were beautiful. After spending the last 4 falls in Texas I think I forgot just how beautiful the changing of the seasons are. In East Texas it's hot, hotter, hottest and humid. And though I grew to love and appreciate the heat, I do love the sound of crunching leaves beneath my feet and that smell. ohhhhh that smell! I don't know what that smell is, but it is a wonderful fall smell. Maybe it's roasted pumpkin seeds, cool air and leaves all mixed together. Whatever it is, it's wonderful. Anyways, back to my job of making sure our Logan wasn't under foot or running from the very scary TracVac, I decided it was a prime photo opportunity.Logan felt safest in his swing on this particular day. Up off the ground, away from the noisy leaf blower.
After an hour or so, he adjusted to the noise and was out and about, running through the crunchy leaves.Our Lukas had the fun job of helping Papaw on the TracVac. At least I though it looked fun. Perhaps he didn't think so much of it?Actually, this photo is a bit deceiving. This, my friends and family, is Lukas trying his hardest to not smile for a picture. Big bum that he is. I betcha that tonight when we carve that pumpkin I can get a smile or two outta him....wait and see!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


It goes without saying that Logan loves his "da da".

But when your 'da da' is on TV, here's what happens:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Logan's Response

When we told him he was gonna be a big brother:No, not really. Obviously he' too young to comprehend this simple fact.

But, this was the look on his face when I said , "Logan! Smile!" And this was the response on my loving husband's face when we entered the suite we'd be sitting in to watch the Boilermakers take on Notre Dame. And this was the look on my face. Now, had I known before hand how the game would go I surely would have had a look on my face that was more comparable to the look on Logan's face in the picture at the top of this post. It was exciting, boring, then way too stressful to handle. And they lost. Did I mention the flags? Yep. There were many - more than I can count on both my hands. I think either 1) the players were doing it on purpose to annoy me, or 2) the referees were plain old flag happy. Ohhhhh, but it was fun. And I'd go again in a heartbeat. Flags, losses, and stress and all. Totally worth it.