Thursday, February 24, 2011


...and that's what three years does to a baby.

Logan, I am sorry that this post is two weeks late. Rest assured we did not celebrate your birthday two weeks late. This year your birthday fell on a Saturday so we got to celebrate you on your actual birthday. YAY!
We celebrated in true Logan fashion. Right at the train station. The Linden Train Museum, actually. But it's a real train station and trains still fly, literally, by. We saw two go by and you were a bit scared. But that's our Logan. All big and tough until it gets loud. Then you run and hide. LaLa Girl got in on the train action too.

An of course "Bub" was there to help celebrate. He is the reason, after all, that you love trains as much as you do.

A little chocolate cupcake that you requested.You insisted on carrying the balloon bouquet all around the train station.
Turning three is exhausting.

If you need proof just look at this: