Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Natural Resources

I decided it was time to do it. I could not put it off any longer. If I did, our oldest would suffer in the morning. Knowing there would be absolutley no time tomorrow, I figured if I was gonna do it, I better do it tonight when Joe came home for dinner. I could just eat dinner when I got home, I decided. This was much more important than dining on the lovely bowtie pasta salad I made for dinner.
I dread it.

Wal Mart.
So many people.
So many temptations.
So many price increases.
Too few checkers working. Out of 30 registers, only 10 are staffed. Ever.
And I only had exaclty 20 minutes. Not including drive time and check out time.
This is a good thing. It requires passing by all the temptaions without a second glance. I was on a mission. I had a mental list of our immediate needs.
Milk. check
Eggs. check
Bread. check
Diapers. check
Chicken Nuggets (Lukas' first food group choice). check.
Baby Food. check.
Ground Beef. check.
misc fruits and veggies. check
Formula. check.
Cheerios (see past blog titled Brothes) check.
Mac N Cheese (Lukas' second food group choice). check.
Shredded Cheddar Cheese (soul food item for tomorrow's meal) check.
Yogurt. check.
Bacon. (Lukas' third food group choice) check.
oh and one more thing:

Logan's Nursery Water. check.

This came in so handy when I came home to a tired baby. you know that feeling. Baby is fussing and you glance quickly at your surroundings. hmmmm.... what can i give him to entertain him, just for a few minutes. This turned out to be the perfect thing. It was too heavy for him to push over or away. He loved it and it occupied him just long enough for me to put the over-100-bucks-worth of groceries away. WOW. I remember when I could go to the store and by all the same things for 30 bucks less.
Oh well, at least the Nursery Water now serves two purposes!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Like Father Like Son

Joe and Lukas went to battle it out on the football field this morning.
They thought they were pretty cool.
I think so too.

Practice makes perfect! And hey, what better place to practice than in the kitchen?

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Isn't this uncanny??
Lukas Daniel ~ January 2004 Logan Dean ~ September 2008
And Logan gets just as exctied as Lukas did when they see me pull the yellow box from the cabinet!
Cheerios are much more than just cereal that lowers cholesterol! My boys LOVE them...I think Logan is about to polish off his first box! Unhappy? Here, have a cheerio. Ahhhh...all is right with the world! Thank you General Mills! I wish all my troubles could be solved with a glance of the yellow box....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Power of Prayer

Lots of times after Lukas is already tucked in I hear him in his room talking, quietly. Some mornings he tells me "mommy, last night after we said our prayers, I said another prayer and asked God to...." and he goes on about telling me what he prayed for. I had never actually witnessed this or wondered what it was he was talking about or to who. Well, last night, long after I had tucked him in, I went to check on him before I tucked myself in. And this is what I saw. What a precious gift from God he truly is. He must have just tuckered himself out from praying so feverishly for... what? I don't know. Only God knows.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Right of Passage

Logan's very first pair of official overalls! Overalls are definitly a right of passage of childhood! And there is such a small window of opportunity to wear them and for them to actually be cute! If ever you are curious about the time frame, ask my husband. He will tell you the story about how I dressed Lukas in overalls at the ripe old age of two. He (Joe) was mortified. It may have had something to do with the fact that they were short overalls....but I though they were cute...and very convenient! Anyways....we have had these hanging in Logan's closet for months and months...and now, sadly, he is big enough to wear them! He is growing way too fast for my liking! Isn't he so cute!?

Lukas thinks so!

Today, after Bible Class, I was walking down the hall and passed the Cradle Roll Class. Cindi had every child in there completly captivated...especially Logan! And everyone else staning outside that window peering in, was just gawking at these precious babies! It's so fun to watch your children when the don't know you are watching them!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kids Day at Bergfeld Park!

Today was kids day at Bergfeld Park. They do it every year...and every year that we have been in Tyler, we have gone. The park is a short 10 minutes walk from home:
This year they had something new - Foam! It was a HUGE mess, but the kids were LOVING it! the ground all around it was so muddy and slippery. Even Logan was intrigued:

It really is a great concept, but there must be a better way to go about this. Did I mention the mud? And the foam, beacuse of the wet ground, was comepletly laced with dirt. All Logan did was dip his hands in it, and as I wiped his hands afterwards, he was still covered in a film of dirt. And I won't go into how dirty my feet and flip flops got! UGH! At least Lukas enjoyed himself!

Did I mention the dirt and mud?

Just another day at the park!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First of many...

Last night I decided to try something new...bathing both boys at the same time. You know what? It was a lot of fun! They had a blast together AND both got clean and stinky free! Of course, Lukas' biggest concerns was: "What if Logan pees in the bath?" I reassured him it was no different than when he, himself pees in the bath. And Lukas, the master rebuttaler says: "Yeah, but that's different!" Once we added bubbles, I think Lukas forgot about his worries! They had a blast and no one actually got peed on!
Well...maybe no one got peed on - Lukas looks a little sneaky in this picture and Logan looks as if he knows something we don't know! ahhhh...brotherly love!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Being a brother is fun!

Yesterday we were in the car driving and all of a sudden, Lukas turned and made the silliest face and noise directed at Logan. As a mother, my split second response was an: oh-my-goodness-that-is-gonna-scare-the-bgeebees-outta-logan! But before I could even respond, Logan laughed the hardest belly laugh I have ever heard! And of course, Lukas' natural response was: wow! he liked it AND it made him laugh, so I am gonna do it over and over and over and over and....well, you get the point. This went on for a couple blocks, then it dawned on me that I had my camera which has this neat little video function. So me, being the crafty mom that I am, decide to pull over and start videoing this right there in the car on the street! And it is priceless! Watch how after Logan laughs, and waits for Lukas to do it again - kicking his little feet as if to say "do it again big brother!" Oh how I love my boys! And to think that this is only the begining of a wondeful life together! We are so blessed.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

When a five year old is hungry....

This is what you will see upon entering our kitchen: Yes, those are cowboy boots , and yes, they are filled with a live body! See:

All in the name of Cheetos!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Evening at the park

Here comes Lukas, trying to be super cool....

...And there he goes....

Getting back up on that horse!

See mom, I am okay! (this is the smile I get when I say, "smile nice for the camera, please?)

Oh, and Logan had a blast in the swings!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Winter Hat!

Isn't it cute!? We tried it on in the store and some how it ended up in the cart! How could I resist!? And he knew how cute it was too! The look on his face when I put it on him was PRICELESS...and even now, two days later, he still gets all cheesy when we slip it on! What a cutie! Drool and all!

First Sniffles

Poor baby. He's busy cutting teeth (a bottom one right in the middle is now visiable!) and then he gets knocked down with the sniffles. He has pretty much been miserable since last Sunday. Look at the runny nose and red eyes! Usually it's our Lukas that has this problem...but Lukas has been sniffle free for quite some time...knock on wood!