Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Baby Story

God is so good. We have been blessed beyond imagination.

It all started on Monday morning at 7:30. Check in to the hospital for a scheduled induction. Done. Get settled. Done. IV started. Done. Cervadil. Done. Now we wait for something to start happening. We waited. WAITED. 12 hours now. Not much is happening. A few contractions here and there. About every 10-15 minutes or so. But as any woman who has given birth knows. 10-15 minutes is no where near where we needed to be! Bring on the Pitocin. Done. Try to sleep through the night. Kinda Done. Hearing other women screaming in pain. The sweet faint cries of newborn babies all through the night. Hard to sleep through that. Wishing it was ME! 12 hours of Pitocin and hardly a change. 9:30 Tuesday morning the decision is that I will agree to stay through the day but I will not put myself through another miserable night in the hospital for nothing! Realizing that my body just isn't ready this becomes OK with us. Joe will go back to work. I will go back to work and class and we will let nature take its coarse....

And just when the decision is made, at 1pm my water broke. All on its own. Well maybe Landry's long fingernails had something to do with it? Anyways...I was just so glad it happened. Now we knew we were gonna have a baby on this day one way or another!

At 2:30pm its time for an epidural. I didn't want to get past the point of now return, ya know? Now I have had two babies before. And two epidurals before. I totally know what to expect. And the anesthesiologist was a hilarious guy. But he was having some problems. Major problems with this epidural. Problems he hadn't really ever experienced before. He had to stick me TWICE....can I get an "oh! my! Poor Reagan!" from all my co-epidural birth givers?? Not only did he stick me twice he had to massage and push and keep pushing. Apparently I have some spine problems and its not just Sciatica I have been suffering from. But this was preventing him from getting the needle where it needed to go into my spine. He just kept hitting "bone" was his word. And trust me. I felt every hit. After a short break, a call to another anesthesiologist, and some more waiting. The epidural was in. WOW. I probably could have just given birth and it would have been easier than that. Even my loving husband had to leave the room. I am quite certain I have never made those noises before. I wonder what the other laboring ladies were thinking?

At 5:20 pm on March 23rd this little lady came into the world: Landry Blair. 8lbs. 10oz and 20.5 inches long.
Can you imagine her size had she stayed in another week or two?? Me either.
She has been so totally worth every ache and pain. I knew she would be too.
Welcome to this world Landry Blair. We can't wait to see you grow up in it and experience all that there is. What a precious gift. Children really are a wonderful gift from God.