Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Throw 'em in the Tub!"

Bath time is still just as fun as it was when I mentioned it here:

However, we have added a body:
And deleted, if you will, a body.

We recently decided that it was probably in the best interest of our oldest, and our other tricycle motors, that he outta be bathing on his own...

But that don't mean he doesn't try to still get in on the fun from time to time:

Oh yes. He has a tongue. I think he wants you to understand this fact. Of all the pictures we have of young Lukas, 99% of them show you his tongue. And of course,

Monkey See Monkey do:Logan has a tongue too. And a foot. At least one foot.And Landry just thinks it's all pretty comical. But she does want you to know she's working on her teeth. See those four bottom pearly whites? She has a few up on top too...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sleeping Patterns

I'm just gonna open this post with a statement:

Our boys share a room.

When we moved into the four bedroom house we gave Lukas the option of either having his own room, or sharing a room with his little brother. If he choose to share, then we could have a play room. He took no time to think on this choice. He simply choose to share a room.

"YAY! "I shouted internally. "We can have a place to throw all the toys. A place I can close the door on and not have to stare at and always have the urge to run in and clean up."

But come on. Who am I kidding. Even with the door closed it drives me insane and I constantly have this itch to go in and "just put some things away". For every thing there is a place.

And, apparently, the boys both think their place is on the left side of the bed.Clearly, Logan is winning this battle. But Lukas won't let up.

Let me make another statement. The boys each have their own bed. Lukas has the top bunk. Logan, the bottom. Just look at all that sleeping room they have. Maybe, just maybe, they love each other so much that they have to sleep practically on top of each other. Or maybe Logan decided it was warmer over there? Either way, how can this 1) be comfortable and 2) condone good sleep?

But who am I to intrude on a such a quite, peaceful moment between brothers? Did I mention it was a quiet moment? Both boys in the same room within slapping distance of each other and there was no slapping or whining or quarreling. Nope. Not gonna ruin that rare, quiet moment. Did I mention it was quiet? And that there was no whining? Sigh. They DO like each other! ...I think....

Then there's this:Would ya just look at all that hair!? Sleeping beauty.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Long Time

Has it really been 2 months? Funny how that happens. The time it just slips through our fingers.

Before I know it we'll be empty nesters.


So, in my effort to slow down time I am going to make it more of a priority to blog more often. Think it'll work? eh? Probably not. But what it will do is give me a little peace of mind. You see, Lukas has like a bajillion scrapbooks chronicling his little life from the moment he was no longer in the womb until the day his brother was no longer in the womb. It all went down hill from there. I tried. I really did. Logan has exactly one fourth of a scrapbook. Landry? Well, she has exactly none of a scrapbook. I sure hope my two youngest offspring don't hold this against me.

I do have this blog. The blog picked up where Lukas's scrapbooks ended...

Then you'll notice that the blog kinda dwindled down after our youngest left the womb.


I am seeing a trend here. Good thing there won't be any more babies leaving my womb!

Anyways. Here are the babies that have left my womb:And really, if it were not for them then what would I have to scrap and blog about? Kind of a catch 22. No babies? Not too much to blog about. But then I get babies (and lots to blog about) and then I don't have time to blog about the things I have (babies) to blog about!

Ohhhh but I wouldn't change a thing. Look at those three gifts. I'd gladly give up everything for them. Even the scrapbooking and blogging. But I'm gonna try my best to be better at making time for blogging. Just so they have something they can look back at. And so I can have something to look back at when they are begging me to drop them off two blocks away from the school so their friends won't see their mama! Sweet babies. MUWAH!