Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sleeping Patterns

Lukas has always been a..., shall we say, 'active' sleeper. Those who have had the privilege of sharing a night in the same bed with Lukas might lean towards another, stronger, term like 'aggressive'. Dude moves around. A lot. And at night when we check on him we always ask each other "how do ya think he's sleeping?" And there have been times where I have run out of his room seeking my loving husband and making him drop whatever he is doing just to come and see what crazy position Lukas has managed to get himself into while sleeping. Like this:Logan is about to follow in his big Bu Bu's footsteps. This looks peaceful enough, doesn't it?Well, last night I sure was wishing my loving husband didn't work the schedule he does, because I woulda been a running out of Logan's room looking for said husband. Why, you ask? Because when I went to check on this little guy, here's what I saw:Yeah, I know exactly what your are thinking - "what in the world??" I know. I need a closer look too, perhaps a better angle like this one:Um, Logan? How in the world did you manage to get yourself in this position? Notice his right arm - twisted under his back...and the fact that he is laying the wrong direction - and his head is, well, it's...I don't know. It just all looks weird and uncomfortable. But who am I to judge? As long as my boys get their sleep, it's all good. No matter in what position they do it. As long as they do it. And hopefully these two boys will never have to share a bed, cuz then we are gonna have a real problem.

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