Monday, September 14, 2009

Cows and Milk

Hi Cow. You are about to be milked by my child.

They just go together. Cows and Milk. Milk and Cows. And our Lukas has known for a while, thanks to Columbian Park and their fake cow with fake utters, where milk comes from. Although he had never actually seen it with his own two eyes until this past weekend. Oh yes. There were real live lactating cows. And milk buckets. And would you believe that Lukas was the first in line?? Oh yes he was!
First, a little training. (aka a pep talk)Lukas just settled right on in there and got busy getting some milk."ooooo Mommy, that's warm!"And yes, this cow made the typical low groan of a "mmmoooooooooo" every third squeeze or so. Now, I'm not a farm girl so I have no idea what this moooooo means. But I have had three children, so I am pretty sure I know the sense of relief she must have been feeling. We spent a good part of our day there at Prophetstown. Carriage rides, chicken chasing, horse wrangling, popcorn eating (we did wash our hands, promise) and lots of watching out for manure. And you know what Lukas' favorite part was? Yep. Cows. Lactating ones. I am certain this was the experience of a lifetime for Lukas.

Now, I can't say for certain, but I think there's a small chance he may never want to drink milk again....

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Kim Hodges said...

Now that's just too fun!