Sunday, October 24, 2010


...mmmmm! Roasted pumpkin seeds. Absolutely deee-lish! Although my amazing mama-in-law would disagree. I didn't believe anyone could dislike something smothered in olive oil, salt and baked to perfection until I watched her slowly chew up a perfectly roasted seed and ever so delicately open the trash can and spit! sigh. Guess I can't please everyone.

But I digress.

In order to get those seeds to roast we had to work as a family. Time to carve a pumpkin!
Lukas was none too happy at the prospect of gutting the orange beast that stared him in the face. This is our child with an all too strong gag reflex. The child that only poo pooed in his pants one time because I threatened him with the idea that next time he would have to clean up the mess himself. He nearly threw up at the idea of that consequence. Yes. Lukas was very quickly potty trained. Price. Less!
So anyways, back to carving pumpkins.

Even La La Girl was in on the action.

And Lo Lo too.

My loving husband got to be artist for a day. He was even allowed to play with sharp knives. Pretty neat, huh? Lukas had the idea of the glasses. Turned out okay, didn't it?

We think so too.

Now. If we can keep the neighborhood hooligans from snatching it off our front porch we might just be in business!

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