Monday, November 22, 2010

Sometimes its Random

Sometimes I feel like doing this:

Does this make the rest of the world disappear? If it does and sometime you can't find me then you might try looking in our basket in the living room.

Um, Logan? Logan. Are you finding what you are looking for?

By the way - isn't that the cutest little patootie? What is it about jeans on little people?? My heart melts.

Can you say SUCKER? WOW! Those things are almost as big as my little prince charming's faces! Thanks daddy for finding us some huge chunks of pure sugar! Nothing like making your child's face light up!Speaking of lit up faces! Would ya just look at my girl!? Heart is still melting...Does this picture remind you of anyone? Just tune in to one episode of The Big Bang Theory...then get back to me with your answer!

And because I feel like documenting things:

This is our latest activity. Potty training. Maybe. According to Logan "it's not workin'!" Pretty soon we are gonna learn just how much he really wants that candy! Poo Poo for Puzzles could turn into Potty for Candy...although that's not nearly as fun to say as Poo Poo for Puzzles. But hey, what ever works! Right?

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