Monday, March 16, 2009

Trucks! BIG ones!

Saturday evening my loving husband took our oldest boy to the "Monster Truck Rally"...or "monster truck finale" as our boy called it over and over. It was one of those things that you just don't correct because they way the child is saying it is just too stinkin' cute! So everyone around called it the Monster Truck Finale. Classic. One of Lukas' bestest buddies and his dad went along too. It was a true 'guys night'. Guys. Loudness. Big Trucks. Trucks Crushing Cars. Motorcycles Flying Off Ramps and Sailing Through the Air. Cotton Candy. Ear Plugs. Yep - definitely a guys night.

Apparently, Lukas was afraid for the trucks. Afraid that they might not make the jumps. So afraid, in fact, that he had to cover his eyes. Bless his little heart. He did not want to witness an accident if there was going to be one. Maybe now he understands why it is nearly impossible for me to go bike riding with him. Or watch him on a razor scooter. Or roller-blade down the street. I can't bear to be witness to an accident involving something that I grew in my own womb.
Oh but there was plenty of eye-opening moments! And moments to pause and meet some of the talent behind the wheels:
I am sure this memory will be embedded in these little minds forever. How could you ever forget what it was like to stand next to a truck that had tires taller than you were? And how tough do you think this little guy must have felt at this exact moment? Go get 'em Lukas!

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