Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's my party...(and I'm sorry this post is a few weeks late...)

Actually, it was Logan's party. His very first party.
And he didn't feel the need to "cry if he wanted to". He handled the whole thing with...ummm...shall we say... gooey-ness? Yes. I think gooey-ness is the appropriate term here. He was so proud of himself and his ability to take on that enormous cupcake all by himself! Notice the chocolate splatters on the wall... We spent Logan's actual birthday (when you have kids you have the actual birthday, then you have the birthday at the zoo. And since it was such a special day to us, we pulled Lukas out of school after lunch so he could enjoy the day with his little brother. And daddy really enjoyed showing Logan all the wonders of the Caldwell Zoo. We all thoroughly enjoyed the ducks - especially feeding the ducks.
Check out this picture... I know you will instantly see the cute, cuddly, soft looking BEAST sitting so pretty, taking in the world. But shift your eyes just to the lower right hand corner of the photo and you will see a faint reflection of what appears to be our oldest trying his hardest to intimidate the cuddly creature. Seriously, would you just look at the size of that cat's paws. They are bigger than Lukas' head. I feel so protected on the other side of that glass wall....shutter. A few minutes ago I mentioned the whole actual birthday and birthday party day thing. Well, this was the birthday party day. We had so many friends come and help us celebrate Logan's very first birthday party.
Of course, big brother - or Buh Buh, as Logan affectionately calls him, helped celebrate too. He was in charge of distributing and showing the little ones how to use the party blowers. Presents! Just what we needed...more stuff to put in our little apartment!! Really,, I mean Logan, really appreciated all the wonderful gifts!
Have you ever seen anyone so excited over a bottle of bubbles? Well, if you were Logan you would be just as excited. Because Logan loves bubbles. His favorite part is when they land on the floor and don't pop. He has yet to get to one of those special bubbles before it 'pops'. Oh! the look of disappointment that covers his face. It's a "Hey! I was gonna pop that one!" look. Priceless. See, I told you Logan appreciated the gifts...I think that picture up there pretty much sums that all up.
This was Logan's cake. It turned out okay. It tasted delicious. But let's just say that I will not be ordering another cake from Brookshires again. Never. Ever. They really pulled a fast one on me. And it was so tacky.
And I felt so let down.
And I am still mad about it.
Can you feel my anger??
But I am moving on with life. However, every time I see that picture of that cake, it is a grim reminder of what was and what should have been....
I won't go on with any more details. This is after all, a happy post.
Ohhhh...look at that mess! It was so good and so worth it.
Every crumb that flew.
Every crevasse that had to be cleansed.
Definitely worth it. Besides, you only get your very first birthday party once. And this very first birthday party was definitely a gooey one!

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