Thursday, October 1, 2009

Logan's Response

When we told him he was gonna be a big brother:No, not really. Obviously he' too young to comprehend this simple fact.

But, this was the look on his face when I said , "Logan! Smile!" And this was the response on my loving husband's face when we entered the suite we'd be sitting in to watch the Boilermakers take on Notre Dame. And this was the look on my face. Now, had I known before hand how the game would go I surely would have had a look on my face that was more comparable to the look on Logan's face in the picture at the top of this post. It was exciting, boring, then way too stressful to handle. And they lost. Did I mention the flags? Yep. There were many - more than I can count on both my hands. I think either 1) the players were doing it on purpose to annoy me, or 2) the referees were plain old flag happy. Ohhhhh, but it was fun. And I'd go again in a heartbeat. Flags, losses, and stress and all. Totally worth it.

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