Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall in Indiana

Yesterday was our last day of Fall Break. We spent it at Papaw and Gammie's house helping with the leaves. I use the term 'we and helping' very loosely here. My VIP job was corralling our youngest. The weather was perfect and the leaves were beautiful. After spending the last 4 falls in Texas I think I forgot just how beautiful the changing of the seasons are. In East Texas it's hot, hotter, hottest and humid. And though I grew to love and appreciate the heat, I do love the sound of crunching leaves beneath my feet and that smell. ohhhhh that smell! I don't know what that smell is, but it is a wonderful fall smell. Maybe it's roasted pumpkin seeds, cool air and leaves all mixed together. Whatever it is, it's wonderful. Anyways, back to my job of making sure our Logan wasn't under foot or running from the very scary TracVac, I decided it was a prime photo opportunity.Logan felt safest in his swing on this particular day. Up off the ground, away from the noisy leaf blower.
After an hour or so, he adjusted to the noise and was out and about, running through the crunchy leaves.Our Lukas had the fun job of helping Papaw on the TracVac. At least I though it looked fun. Perhaps he didn't think so much of it?Actually, this photo is a bit deceiving. This, my friends and family, is Lukas trying his hardest to not smile for a picture. Big bum that he is. I betcha that tonight when we carve that pumpkin I can get a smile or two outta him....wait and see!

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Kim Hodges said...

Pretty leaves! Beautiful kids!