Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Boy. Some Snow. A Sled. A Hill.

Sledding! And it was his very first time to sled down a hill and let's just say....he LOVED it! Lukas, that is. Logan. Well, um, Logan didn't so much. Logan didn't even like putting on his snow gear. You won't see Logan in any of the following photos. He was an unhappy little boy and he ended up sitting in the car playing with his beloved Choo-Choos. It's just where he belonged today. Lukas? Well Lukas belonged on the hill! He really did have a blast. And never once complained about the frigid 15 degree weather or the wind that made it feel like 10 below zero! Again, welcome to Indiana Reagan. shiver.
He even tried out the whole snowboarding thing. I dunno. But it looks to me like he has pretty good form, huh? Or maybe it's good surfing form. Then we could go some where warm!

Everyone knows that you just go faster when there are two on a sled:
And that this usually happens at the bottom of the hill:

Um, my loving husband, you may need a bigger saucer?I'm just sayin'. That's all.

Would you just look at that face of complete happiness??

Now, excuse me while I go defrost my toes, fingers and nose, and grab a cup of hot coffee!

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lynda said...

I wish I was there!! This looks like so much fun! I'd say the 'BOY' has great form for a Texan. I hope you're thawed out by now! Have a good night!
We got down to 13 degrees last night... Very unusual.