Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys

Bath time in the LePage home is probably one of the boys' favorite times. And since my brain is fried from my newly acquired Anatomy and Physiology class, I have no particular thoughts to say aloud. I feel as though I have been in a haze since last Tuesday. A haze filled with thoughts of protons, neutrons, the Table of Elements, what makes Hydrogen, covalent bonds, the four quadrants of the abdominal cavity, and where on earth the spleen is located....among so many other thoughts. sigh. My. Head. Hurts. And I have class again tonight....sigh. Oh, but don't get me too wrong: I am way excited about it. Really. I am. I cannot wait for it to all make sense and to understand it all. Watch out world, here comes Nurse Reagan!
So anyways, I am just gonna post these photos and you will get a tiny glimpse of just how much fun we have at bath time in our little part of the world. And yes....water gets every where. Usually by the end of it all the tub is empty and the floor is full. Of water.Yes, that's the look they boys get from their mama when she realizes just how much water the floor is full of. Then they both do that face and how can I be mad when I know how much fun they had getting the water from point A to point B?Just look at this sweetness:And this sweetness:Yes, we have smugness too:Here's some more:
And then there's Tarzan. Do you hear him roaring?

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