Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tag's a state of being.

Why did I offer to work for Julie? I have so much to do before Saturday...and I had no time in the last two weeks to do any of it because of Uncle Phil's Diner (i will post those pics soon!). I still have to bake cookies, muffins and put the treat bags together for Lukas' Christmas party that is tomorrow. And I haven't even shopped for the items needed to bake with or for the treat bags! Oh, and we are leaving for 8 days on Saturday. Have I done any laundry? Nope. Which means I haven't packed a thing. Or even thought about it. Christmas shopping? Nope. And the post office needs a visit from me. And what am I doing? Yep. Posting a blog. And working for Julie. Oh yes, now I remember why I said I'd work for her...she's a dear friend and I didn't want her to lose out on her vacation time. We have a use it or lose it policy here in the office. Please note that I had no problem using up my vacation time! Oh, and the extra money is nice. Money is always nice.

So here's a tag that is a little more introspective than most. I really enjoyed it. Thanks, Kim!

*i am at work
*i want to get my errands run
*i have to finish Christmas shopping
*i miss my daddy
*i fear losing a child
*i hear the humm of the computer
*i search for the meaning of my life daily
*i wonder what my kids will grow up to be
*i regret leaving my dad
*i love my family
*i forgive my loving husband for not being able to read my mind (*sorry Kim - it was just too good to not use for myself!)
*i ache when my babies cry
*i always make my own cards
*i try to be more patient with my oldest child
*i seem to forget where i park my car in the grocery store parking lot every time i go
*i know that Jesus loves me
*i feel ready for a vacation
*i dance only when no one is watching
*i dream about living on a tropical island
*i give more time than i have
*i listen to the news more than i should
*i sing only when no one can hear me
*i laugh at my children's silly things they say and do
*i can't sing or dance
*i cry when i get my feelings hurt
*i sleep best in my own bed
*i am going to Indiana for Christmas
*i see God's blessings all around me
*i need my family
*i should be doing laundry and getting things ready for Lukas' school Christmas party!

Feel free to copy this and examine your own state of being!

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Kim Hodges said...

I just hope John forgives me when I expect him to read my mind!