Friday, December 19, 2008


Or Uncle Phil's Diner to those who don't really know me! Because if you really knew me, you'd know how busy this little dinner theater experience has kept me...and my loving husband and little ones the last couple of weeks. Thanks guys, for putting up with it all! I enjoyed it so much. And thanks John, Kim and Chelsea for making it all happen!
And for those who don't know me or haven't spoke with me lately, you might be wondering, well what was her part in this theater you talk so much about? Just to cool your curiosity, take a look at this:
Oh yes, that is what you think it is. Me, a Pink Lady. Isn't it great!? Wait, this angle might flatter me better:Oh yes, that is much better! Thank you! And yes, it was as much fun to dress as a rough and tumble alley cat as it looks!
UPD is set in 1958. It is an interactive dinner theater. Glenwood put it on last year, and this year it was No Room at the Diner. A lot of it was ad-libbed and a lot of it was scripted. Each cast member had their own table to wait. And I have never waited on a table in my life! And let me just say...I liked it! I really did! *I do like green eggs and ham said Sam I Am!* What I liked most was the not knowing of who was going to be seated at my table. One of the nights I knew every face at my table...but I had to stay in character. It was just! Here's me and my pal, I mean Mary at dress rehearsal:It's funny because now when I see these people that I worked with for so many weeks, I really just want to call them by their character name. Everyone just fit into their parts so well.
My loving husband and Lukas came to the show one night...and I had to make sure that they were seated far, far, far away from my table because I just knew Lukas would make my having to stay in character kinda tough. Who could possibly turn their nose up at this face and act like they don't know him...act like he didn't grow in your womb and now calls you mommy?LOOK at that face! Lukas is holding a phone, obviously. One big part of the interactive-ness was a group sing-a-long to the 12 Days of a Diner Christmas (aka The 12 Days of Christmas). And Lukas' table was: 8 phones a ringin'. Here is his dinner date. Her name is Ashley. Isn't she the most beautiful little thing? They have been friends for a long time. I just love her mom! She is one of my good friends. And I sure do hope they enjoyed the show. See that Christmas tree? That was the gumdrop tree center piece. And the guests at the table were in charge of decorating it. For the record, that tree was pretty bare at the end of the night. We won't go into details about how many fingers had touched those gumdrops. But like Wally says, "gives it extra flavor!"
Towards the end of the show the band (aka, diner cooks) agreed to come out and play some rockin' Christmas tunes. The wait staff gets to dance around and look for unsuspecting guests to dance with. I chose this good looking fella:Ain't he a real charmer!? And he was such a good dancer!
Oh my, I just had so much fun. I am sure a lot of the cast was glad it was over but honestly, I was sad. Still am a bit. My favorite part of the whole thing was the social part. I knew everyone going in, but when you spend so much time together you really get to know people on a different level. And that is what I will miss. The people and the interaction. Just look at all these wonderful people. Each one of them has been so blessed by God with such wonderful talents and I am so thankful he put us all together for this great experience.I wonder what will be in store next year for Glenwood's Dinner Theater Ministry? I can't wait to find out!

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Sharon said...

Miss Pinky- you're adorable dressed in that outfit. How fun.

Be watching the Weather Channel or checking online for Indiana weather. You never know from one day to the next!

Right now they're calling for snow on Tuesday and Wednesday... so you may get the boys a white Christmas after all!

Merry CHRISTmas!