Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Cookies

Well, we tried anyways. This is the recipe from Pioneer Woman's holiday cooking. And she even states that "they may not be the fanciest cookies around, but they are so so good". And as you can see, they sure don't look very pretty or tasty. But ohhhh they were so yummy! Besides, the point of it was to be able to let Lukas experience the fun of making sugar cookies with icing and decorating with even more icing. All for a boy who does not like icing. But he was still stoked about the idea.
And of course, the sprinkles were the very best part. I think we may have gone through two bottles of the messy little things. Oh, and naturally, as my luck would have it, they didn't 'stick' to the cookies. So, while they looked cute sitting there all colorful, the moment you pick one up to anticipate the exact second that your lips will meet the divine sweetness of this holiday goodness, you hear it. You know. The rainy sound of all the sprinkles hitting the floor. And as you jump back to realize what has just happened, you inevitably step on exactly 1000 of them. Then they stick to your socks all night. And if you are real lucky, you will then step in a drop of water and then you have pink, red, blue and white streaks all over the kitchen floor...and carpet. All hypothetically, of course. Oh, whats that? Did it sound like I was talking from experience? Yeah. Maybe I was. Maybe that's why it's already almost midnight and I just sat down from cleaning the kitchen and scrubbing aforementioned floors. All in the name of sharing holiday joys with my oldest boy. And yeah, it was totally worth it! Oh, and we got some mighty tasty cookies out of the whole mess. Logan was there to help too. He sat on the floor and got a head start on picking up the sprinkles. Although, I am quite certain he didn't put them in the trash can...the 10 second rule is still in effect, right?


Sharon said...

Yummy! Got extras? (Ha-ha)

Tip for getting the sprinkles to stick... put them on immediately after frosting EACH cookie. You want to get them on, before the frosting starts to set. Tip #2, watch how much you put on the cookies, don't go overboard. (I realize this may be difficult with children helping.) Tip #3, if tips #1 & #2 don't seem to be working...lightly press sprinkles into frosting to help get them to stick.

If you get time, please share the recipe. (I collect cookie recipes- they're my 'specialty'.)

aliandsander said...

I feel guilty about our cookie making experience. I can be a perfectionist when I bake. So when the sprinkles were getting literally poured on the cookies I found myself saying "too much!" After awhile I think Will figured that eating them would be more fun than dealing with an anal retentive mother, and he gave up. Your experience was probably much more nurturing and enjoyable!