Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Can it be?

Can you guess what this precious little guy is looking at so intently. So curiously. So hesitantly. So excitedly. So anticipatingly? sorry 'bout that, not sure it's a word...but that's beside the point.
Take a guess. I double dare ya.

You ready to see it?

The picture in its entirety?

You are never gonna believe it.

Well if you know this Texas LePage family you won't believe it.

Oh yea, that's a MINE! (aka pacifier to those who don't know us that well.) Thanks to Lukas and Gammie, the pacifier became known as a mine years ago and forever more in our little family.
And, if you don't know us that well, or if we have just failed to tell you because, say, it didn't come up in conversation, Logan does not like a mine. Oh, he liked it in the very beginning of his little life, but that only lasted a few weeks. Then one day, all of a sudden, he spit it out and would not take it ever again. GASP! My loving husband and I were beside ourselves. This, after our first child had his own little bed side table drawer full of about 25 mines until the ripe old age of 3. We were totally not prepared for this new baby to not like his mine more than life itself. How on earth would he ever sleep again?! Well, the little stinker has proven to be a good sleeper and not so much dependant on the mine. But don't get me wrong. We tried everything. And every kind pacifier on the market. All to no avail. Who knew that something so simple could cause such a stir? We had invested a years worth of salary into these little plastic and rubber things, so they were not going to be thrown away. They somehow managed to end up in the bottom of Logan's little toy basket and tonight...ohhhhh tonight, I spotted them nearly 10 months later and laid them on the floor. Curiosity washed over out youngest boy's face as he raced toward the lined-up-mines. What is that!? I could just hear the words running through his rapidly developing little brain.First up, the Soothie:
Mmmmm, not bad! Perhaps a little surprised about how soothing it actually is!
Logan's next choice was the Mam version.
Hmmm...not too bad either!
Last, but not least, the Gerber Nuk:
He liked it okay...but not as well as he liked the other two...
I don't know. Maybe, just maybe, Logan was playing me. Hoping I would blog about his non-existent love for the mine. I guess we will see what happens tonight at bed time....
At least I got some cute pictures. And therefore, you got to read a new post. See how that works? It's pretty simple really. Kids do cute things, mom grabs camera as fast as possible which both then = a new blog post for our loving friends and family!

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Chelsea Rambin said...

Maybe Logan will fall in love with his mines. We love our bowl full of "plugs". Abby's favorite thing is to get in bed with all her plugs - usually 8 in all. She sucks one, holds four and puts the rest next to her face on the pillow.