Thursday, January 8, 2009

Santa was a little late....

When you grow up and have your own family Christmas time becomes And I'm not convinced that is the right word. But anyways...there is always this huge decision to be made: where are we gonna spend Christmas this year? Obviously this year, we went to Indiana. And this, my friends, poses a problem. Do we shop and lug all the gifts on the airplane? Do we wait and shop last minute when we get to Indiana? Do we shop ahead of time and mail the presents? And then Lukas has one big question: "How will Santa know where to bring me my presents?" Very good question my child. And this year Lukas wanted a brand new bmx, jumping type bike. Because he's a crazy kid like that. No fear I tell ya! Problem is, Santa can't really bring the bike to Indiana, because then how would we get it back to Texas? - and besides, it is way too cold in Indiana to ride a bike! So we were weighed down with how to go about this whole-Santa-bringing-presents-thing. We decided to make a quick stop to call Santa on they way out of town and let him know that we were gonna be gone until December 28. If you read this blog then you know how much fun Lukas had at Christmas. And that he didn't get his one big wish. But Lukas is lucky, because he has a daddy that works in the news business, and daddy heard on the news that Santa had been running late and so some of the kids were getting some of their presents a bit later than on Christmas morning. Well, it turns out, Lukas was one of those kids. And here's what it looked like:

Lucky guy, huh? Good thing I had sense to know that Santa might have came and got my camera all ready for the big moment! Isn't the bike like, totally, cool looking, dude? Yeah, Lukas thinks so too.

This bike came from a real bike pro shop, complete with warranty and all. We are pretty certain this bike will hold up to Lukas' extreme riding. And I am not exaggerating when I use the word extreme. The kid actually blew out a tire on his last bike. He also did so much jumping that the chain couldn't stay on for more than 100 yards of riding. Here's to lots of jumps and skid marks! And thanks Santa, even if you were a few days late. We still believe!

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Kim Hodges said...

That's so great that you got that on video!