Saturday, February 21, 2009

Another First

This is Logan's first sucker. Ever.And I have to admit, I was kind of against the idea. I mean, dude has plenty of years ahead of him to learn all about life's little sweetnesses. I just don't think he needs to experience pure sugar so soon out of the womb! But...We had some issues to take care of. Yesterday, at the bank, Logan was wearing all blue..and a blue jacket that said handsome on it and guess what? Yep. The gal behind the counter called him a girl. This was the last straw. And the last time anyone would refer to our strapping boy as a girl. There they go. sniff sniff. Those beautiful, precious curls. wuaaahhhhh...Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the cutest one of all? It's obvious to Logan who he thinks is the cutest one of all.Not too sure about this whole gotta-be-still-stuff.But just look at that sweet thing. Logan of course, not the sucker. He handled it all so well. Not a tear was shed. And now I am pretty sure that Logan will never again eat his green beans. Nope. Not now. Now that he has discovered that there is more to life than green beans and carrots. There are watermelon flavored suckers. Life is so sweet.

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