Thursday, June 11, 2009


What happens when this happens?Why, this happens of course:The boys' bathroom is our 'safe room' when the East Texas severe weather hits. And it always hits in the late evening. And last night was no different. Paying close attention to what was coming our way, I kept Lukas up past his normal bed time. When the storm reared it's ugly head directly at Tyler, Texas, Lukas took cover in our 'safe room'. Only he was so tuckered out that he passed out. Right there on the bath mat on the bathroom floor. You can't tell from the picture, thanks to modern technology and the flash of a camera, but our electricity was out, so there were several candles burning up on the counter. Lukas must have taken great comfort in the cushy bath mat, warm blanket, burning candles and the strange quietness that envelopes a home when there is no electricity running through it. He slept right through all the nastiness and uncertainty that blew through town and right over our roof. Even as the thunder lingered on all night and into the morning, he nor Logan ever winced. Amazing. I, meanwhile, was shaking in my jammies, listening to the walls shake around me. Jumping up at every crack of thunder. Having said all this you'd have no idea that I really do enjoy a good East Texas thunderstorm. But when the local meteorologists keep repeating the words "heavy rotation" and "take cover" all the while the city's warning sirens blaring in the night, it's then that I don't really enjoy a good ole thunderstorm. Peace out! And watch out for "heavy rotation"!

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lynda said...

I was shaking in my jammies too! I'm thinking I need to buy a larger bath mat for those stormy nights, then maybe I could sleep like Lukas.