Thursday, June 18, 2009

Boys and Books

That is exactly how I feel Logan! All squishy faced. Anyways, the boys got some new books a while back. In my attempt to photograph my children together, I whipped out my trusty camera the moment I saw them plopped together on their little Wiggles couch.Of course, Logan wanted the couch all to himself. This is the way life is for a toddler. I guess he just needs his space.Oh but wait, what is Lukas looking at? This is a toddler with his curiosity peaked.Those books must be some really good reading. Would you just look at that excitment!?"Hey guys! Over here! Smile for the camera!" And this, my friends, is why it is impossible to photograph these boys together. One is always ready and the other usually has a 'huh, what's going on?' look. sigh. Oh well. Ya gotta love 'em!

Oh wait! Here's one more. Just to make ya smile a little bit bigger:mmmmmm...cupcake cake balls! Complete and total sweetness. The boy, that is.

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