Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Frogs and Skeletons

Yes, they can co-exist. Cute and scary. Frogs and skeletons.Lukas has wanted to be a skeleton for Halloween since he watched The Karate Kid movie this past summer. And Logan, well Logan's costume was inspired by the bin full of Lukas's old stuff. The kids did have a lot of fun Saturday night. We went over to our neighbors house where we were treated to some good chili and great company. Then we all headed out to seek out the best candy. Logan was a bit withheld at first. Lukas, an old pro. After some encouragement and witnessing how all this really worked, Logan took off. He became shameless really. He'd push his way right through the group of kids already at the door being served their sweet treat. And he'd shove his hand up as high as he could and leave it there until that chocolate bar was placed in his little hand. Then he'd toddle over to where my loving husband and I were waiting, place his new treat in his basket and clap for himself. Then he'd run after the other kids. On to the next house, knowing full well what to expect. It was PRICELESS. And if I had a better camera, I could have captured it, but alas, my camera stinks at night time. So you will just have to use your imagination based on the above picture and imagine this green ball of fur toddling from door to door and reaching for the sugar. I promise. It. Was. Adorable.! And Lukas has already picked through the candy, determining what's his.

And my! oh my! do we have a lot of candy. Good thing I'm pregnant. I can eat it all, gain 20 lbs because of it, and blame it on the baby growing in my belly!SHE's in kind of a funky position. Her legs are stretched straight out above her. Kind of curled into a backward C. Her feet are pointing straight down over her head. Just for those of you who aren't experienced at reading ultrasound pictures. Ain't she a beauty!? We can't wait to meet her in March!

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