Monday, November 30, 2009

Thankful for Family

What a Thanksgiving weekend we had! We stayed close to home with Papaw and Gammie. Of course Aunt Jess joined us, and we were also blessed to have Uncle John, Aunt Sara, Cousin Micah and Cousin Baby Selah (or La La as Logan calls her!) It was neat to watch Logan and Micah. Micah is 6 months older than Logan. In baby time that is a HUGE span. Last time we were all together (think August) Micah tended to play more with Lukas. But give Logan 3 months time and this time Micah and Logan were buds. Although Micah is still crazy about "Louie". Speaking of Micah - kids are SO impressionable. Just one example: After a day with all of us together and Micah hearing Lukas call Uncle Johnny, um, Uncle Johnny (aka Micah's daddy) Micah started calling his daddy "Uncle Johnny". So sweet! Both Lukas and Logan were crazy about the youngest LePage, Selah. She's just too sweet to not be crazy about! She has the best smile, it lights up the room.
See? She grew fond of her Uncle Joe. After a hint of hesitation she realized he was an okay guy.
I totally agree.
Logan took to squatting over baby LaLa. He'd do this to talk to her, to point to her, to kiss her (as seen in above picture) and to just look at her pretty face. Um, did you happen to notice the cookie? Never put it down in the literal sense. It sure went down his tummy okay. Gammie kinda likes her too.And Lukas whopped Papaw at some Memory. This is game face!And it's totally safe to say that all three boys are crazy about trains. A post bath time Thomas movie was in order. All three sat still and quiet for at least 3 minutes! It was a precious 3 minutes though.

Oh yeah, and in the middle of our Holiday we had to pause and celebrate PaPaw and Gammies middle child's birthday. Jonathan turned 30!!!
Cake and ice cream time! Um, did you notice the finger in the cake? Yeah, that's the birthday boy. Gettin' the goodies.
And just because I love him and this is typical, I will close with this:

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