Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yeah...and ice cream cake

A couple months ago I was in the kitchen and Logan and Dada were in the living room. It was near bed time. I asked Logan: "Logan, do you want some water?" and from the living room I heard this very deep voice say "Yeah". Very deep. And it became a staple in our house. Logan would say it on cue. And he knew. He knew that it was the way he was saying it that would crack his mama and dada up. Well, last weekend I went to Texas. I came back four days later and Logan hasn't said the word since. He just nods his head. Oh, and he's gotten really good at the word "no" of course.

This story has a point. I promise.

So tonight after dinner we decided to finish off the ice cream cake. Logan loves the ice cream cake. Lukas does too. I dished Logan a slice and chopped it up. He watched my every move. Then it was time. I showed him the bowl. His eyes were huge. I simply asked him if he wanted the ice cream. He nodded. I said: "say yeah" and guess what? He said "yeah". Ohhhh but it wasn't the deep-from-your-gut-yeah. It was a high pitched baby yeah. But, the moment he said it he realized it wasn't right. So he said it again right away. The second time was the deep, deep "yeah". YESSSSSS! So, I whipped out the camera, knowing this could very well be the last time we ever hear this.



Ask any parent. It works.

And here's proof:

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lynda said...

Very cute! 'Yeah', very cute!
He's growing so fast...