Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pig Tales

Does this pig make you think of Landry?


Well what if I throw this picture up?First, let me clarify. I am not claiming my daughter is a pig. Although she does eat a ton. She still is not a pig. Unless it's bananas she's eating....

Anyways, back to my point.

Landry is sporting her very first set of pig tails!And she's quite happy about it too.Except in this photo she wasn't too happy about it. But I am not convinced it's the pig tails she's complaining about. Could be she was hungry. What a pig! Just kiddin' sweet baby girl. I'd feed you all day long if it's what you wanted. Promise.A comb and a toothbrush. Basic necessities are what this girl is all about.Maybe with some practice I will actually get your pig tails even? I have a feeling I'm gonna get lots of practice. And that's something I am totally okay with.

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