Monday, January 31, 2011

What is THAT?

No. It's not a bunch of winterized trees.
Ta Da!

May I introduce you to the newest member of the LePage family? His name is Norman. Or Spencer. Or Harry. Depends on which longtime LePage family member you ask. Regardless, he's here. And he's a big boy too! mi abuela and her four bebes. It's possible this dude weighs more than all her 'real' bebes put together. Seriously. You should have heard the noises coming from the front yard as Jess and I were rolling the snowman parts around. Good thing we had two strapping LePage men to muscle the pieces together.
I sure hope NormanSpencerHarry can withstand the impending storm that's a brewin' out to the west. Supposed to be a nasty one they say. Whoever 'they' are. If it's as bad as 'they' say it it will be, then we outta be seein' some snow drifts taller than our beloved snowman in the next day or two.

And I'm just gonna end on this note:

All because two people fell in love.

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