Monday, July 11, 2011

A Little Fun in the Sun

I waited all year for this heat. And I just want you to know...

it's here.


Do I complain about it occasionally? Sure. However, I'd much rather been blazing hot than freezing cold.

The end.

How do we deal with the hotness? Let me count the ways:

Start with a good water gun fight. Preferably, with your clothes on.

Then throw in a little cannonball slide:
Do a little pool sitting: Then...

Go find an old, black, plastic, tarp.

And do this: And this:And this:
But maybe not this: First of all, I realize Logan needs either a) betting fitting shorts or b) to learn to pull up his pants. Now that we got that outta the way lets analyze what's going on here. Logan is trying to get outta the way as fast as is possible when standing on a wet, soapy, slippery, tarp. And Matt has Logan in his sights, knowing a crash is inevitable. You can see it in his eyes. Classic moment.

I can say with confidence that everyone is okay.

Except for Jessica's hip, Jonathan's neck, and Joe's sternum.

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