Thursday, July 28, 2011

Road Trip

Yes. We are crazy.

I mean, who wouldn't be to drive 1,310 miles with a 1, 3, and 8 year old?

ooohhhh but was it ever worth it. Especially the part where we had to scalp PRCA Rodeo tickets.

More on that later.

First...a few words from The Man:

"Things I learned on my vacation:

  • Driving from Indiana to Wyoming through Illinois, Iowa and South Dakota takes a long time.

  • Making that trip with a one year old diva isn't as bad as I though it would be.

  • There are plenty (more than 100 east to west and more than 60 west to east) of signs that point the way to Wall Drug.

  • The Badlands literally took my breath away.

  • The WYO Rodeo gets better every time I go.

  • It's better to buy tickets in advance though..

  • My little boys are daredevils when it comes to mountain climbing and water sliding.

  • Dry heat really isn't as bad as the heat in Corn Country.

  • As long as the trip was..I enjoyed it...and I'd be willing to do it again."

You mean this Diva?

Good thing we stopped twice.Still takes my breath away... It was a record breaking night at the Sheridan, WYO fairgrounds...
So, most years we have successfully walked up to the ticket booth on the final night of the Rodeo (it's the best night to go, dontcha know?) and bought general admission tickets. But for some reason I had an achy feeling in my stomach that we might want to grab our tickets a little early this time. 'Just in case.'

That afternoon I shimmied up to the Wyo Theater to buy 5 tickets. One for you, two for me, one for you, three for...

never mind.

I needed five tickets.

As I approached the theater I saw The Sign. It simply read "Rodeo Sold Out."


I plopped down on downtown Main Street and had a real good cry. We drove exactly 6,956,459,231,120 miles for THE RODEO and now we weren't gonna see it. I cried some more. Then I stomped my feet and screamed. Then I started making frantic phone calls. Did anyone have tickets they didn't want?

Dumb question. Who on earth would not want their PRCA Sheridan WYO Rodeo tickets?

Then we sped up to the fairgrounds where we were simply told "sorry." Sorry? Sorry! I was sorry. Then a little man stopped me and whispered in my ear "you know there was a woman up here last night giving away her tickets."

He smiled and I smiled and walked away.

I had a plan.

We'd go eat dinner as planned. Then pile into the car and head to the fairgrounds. Where we would take a stab at scalping. And oh did it work. In fact, it worked so well that we ended up with eight tickets. We needed five. So we did some quick math and started selling tickets.


We got five PRCA Rodeo tickets for 5 bucks. A buck a ticket. No pun intended.

Ha! Take that Wyo Theater!

We saw the rodeo in all it's glory. We cheered. We yelled. We covered our eyes. We counted to 8 a whole bunch of times. And we answered the age old question that our 8 year old posed "What do they do to the horses and bulls to make them buck?"'s funny you ask young Lukas. You see they use this rope thing and they tie it around that nice horse's, or bull's, ...what ever animal you want to make mad, waist and tie up their um, their..uh, private parts...and well um, wouldn't that kinda make you mad if we did that to you? He got the picture real quickly...

Then he ran and climbed a mountain. Glad that he didn't have a rope tied around his waist.

Then he decided to see if he could stand on his little brother's head. Obviously Logan is one tough cookie. He makes it look so easy...

Almost as easy as driving across the country.

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Kim Hodges said...

What a great trip!