Friday, November 28, 2008

A Trip to the Zoo

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We sure did. We spent ours with some close friends. Ate lots, relaxed lots, watched football lots and ate lots more! With Thanksgiving, came our first 'school break'. A whole week. Lukas was more than thrilled. So, with all this time off, we had to find some ways to busy ourselves. My friend Meaghan had a great idea - the Zoo. I remember when I first moved to Tyler and learned that there was a zoo here. I had these images in my mind that didn't include real zoo animals. You know. The elephants, giraffes, lions..etc. Boy, was I wrong. The zoo here - Caldwell Zoo, is actually one of the best zoos I have been to. It has every animal you could imagine. Lukas' personal favorite are the anteaters. I have absolutely no idea why. But that is what he looks forward to every time we go. He will run by the white tigers, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, otters, penguins and go straight for the anteaters. Oh, he might make a pit stop by they snakes. shiver. Ugh. I very strongly dislike snakes. Big and small. Nice or not. Venom or no venom. NO thank you! None for me. I'll pass. And here's why:Yeah. The look on Matthew's face pretty much says it all. That's exactly how I feel about the slithery things! On a happier note:Three little bambinos. Oh, yeah - and you can kinda see the giraffes in the background. I guess I need to work on my photography skills, huh? That's just me though. More focused on the kids than on what's going on around us. And speaking of being focused:
Logan sure had a good time. Eating his beloved Cheerios, that is. And pausing to pose for this awesome photo opp:No, really. He did have a good time and he enjoyed stopping to see all the different animals - as long as they were brightly colored and not being all sedentary like those crocodiles were acting. See, this photo really misses the look on Logan's face. Like I said earlier - I need to work on my photographing abilities. But he was totally focused on those pretty pink birds. Here's one where I changed my focus:Only because he was trying to get at Logan's Cheerios! I wanted to give him one sooo bad, but I held myself back. Cuz I am sure he would have told all of his other little billie friends and then they would have all been trying to stick their funny looking tongues through that fence. Oh, and just one more crazy animal:Oh, wait. That was not an animal we saw at the zoo. This was an animal I spotted outside our brand new digs. But, like I always say: 'better out than in'! I am shivering. Again. Now, if I could just get my hands on that big snake...I am certain he'd take care of this little problem!

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