Monday, February 9, 2009

Because Lukas says so.

We spent yesterday evening with some friends from church, the Neal's. They have been blessed with four children, so this was an especially fun time for our Lukas. After dinner, the adults were sitting and visiting in the living room. A few of the kiddos were in the dining room 'making Valentine's' for various people. Well, any normal person knows that a valentine must include something a mini chocolate bar: And not just any chocolate bar...a Hershey Chocolate bar was the choice of the wee ones. Before I go on with this post and get to the meat of it, let's just pause a moment and take note of how sweet and innocent this boy is:This precious thing, as most of you know, just started kindergarten this year at Bell Elementary. He is very quickly learning how to read. He has already learned over 40 sight words. These are words that are to be recognized upon sight - without having to sound the word out, you just know the word when you see it. He is also very good at sounding out other words. He can work his way through an entire book, with some help with the big, long words, of course. So anyways, last night as the adults were sitting in the living room chatting, Lukas approaches my loving husband and myself and asks "is it okay if I eat this piece of candy that we are using for our Valentines?" We turn to look at our boy as he is already opening the wrapper of a mini chocolate bar. I tell him "sure, go ahead". And with the biggest smile he looks at us, looks at the wrapper and says in the most confident tone "It's one of those healthy bars, so it's good for me to eat it." And he turns and walks away. Enjoying his mini Hershey Bar. Our boy, so sweet, innocent and confident. He really believed that what he saw on that wrapper said Healthy and not:So, I will continue to stand my ground and maintain that chocolate is indeed healthy for us...because Lukas says so.

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