Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Taking a Poll

You know this little guy:Isn't he just the most adorable little thing ever!?

What's the first thing you notice about him?

The big eyes? Or...was it by chance...

those precious curls upon his head?It seems that these curls are causing our youngest boy to appear a bit too...too...um...feminine? At least that is what we gather from the almost daily comments about her...or she. "Oh! How beautiful is she with those curls!?" Or "She is so cute! How old is she?" Or, "Look at her! And her beautiful eyes and those curls! Oh those curls! What girl wouldn't die for curls like that!" I could go on, but poor Logan is going to develop a complex. My loving husband and I have gone back and forth about the whole ordeal. It has consumed us and every conversation between us. Really. It has. So, here I am. Blogging about it. And asking for your votes. Do we leave well enough alone or do we take the next step and let Logan experience his very first hair cut? Here's a better look at what we are dealing with:I have these same curls. But they make me nuts and Lukas and Logan are both responsible for my thinning hair. Apparently growing babies in your womb makes other parts of your body do weird things. My hair fell out and it has yet to all come back in. But this is another issue for another blog time. Notice that Logan is not wearing any color close to or resembling pink. Or purple. Or even yellow or minty green. Nope. He is wearing blue. And if you look at the bottom right of the above picture, you will notice the varrooom embellishment on his blue outfit. Does any of this imply to you that he is actually a she? No? OK. Good. Then we are on the same page. Oh yeah, and one more thing:
I wonder who else shared this same problem? Yep. That's our Lukas. Curls and all. But now we do this to his hair:Just shave it. And he knows exactly how he likes is shaved. He climbs up in that chair and tells the lady "I want a 3 on top and a 2 in the back and sides." A man that knows what he wants. That's Lukas.
Now we just gotta figure out what Logan wants. Curls? Or a cut? Please help us decide!


Sharon said...

One suggestion... don't shave Logan like you do Lukas. His hair looks too fine and thin. He would really end up looking bald!

The curls are cute. If the "girl" reference bothers you (it would me) I would simply give him a trim. Even out all the hair. When they're babies, it is all different lengths. You could still see some of the curl, but not as much because it wouldn't be as long.

So there is my two cents. LOL :0D

aliandsander said...

Is it too late to weigh in? Don't cut those beautiful curls! Oh! They only have that baby soft hair but for such a short time....forget what random strangers think. Nothing wrong with a pretty boy! Lydia is frequently referred to as a boy, even when she's wearing pink. Sometimes people just get it wrong because they don't pay close enough attention to detail. I think he's handsome. Don't do it!