Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pump It Up

Saturday evening Lukas attended a birthday party that he was invited to by one of his classmates - Lila. It was held at a local fav - Pump It Up.
It's a big room full of inflatable jumping...things. It's noisy, colorful and full of kids. Our boy had a great time and was totally spent by the time we got home. Guess who else had a good time? Yep. Logan had just as much fun as the big kids did. He fit right in. And, for anyone interested in what Logan might want for his birthday, take a good look at this: He loved, and that's an understatement, the Cozy Coupe Car. He spent 80% of his time at Pump It Up in the little red and yellow car. 10% of his time was spent doing this: Remind you of anyone?That photo opp reminded me of Lukas - at the ripe old age of nearly a year old. He had just discovered what a beach ball was.

So, what did Logan spend the last 10% of his time doing at Pump It Up, you ask? Well, take a look at this. Watch closely or you'll miss the wiggle wiggle followed shortly by a neat-o trick Logan does launching off his knees...

We sure did have fun. I sure do love my boys. And I sure am glad that I get to be their mom and that they get to be brothers and have each other.

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