Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Camera Problems

OK - so something happened to my camera. Right after Papaw and Gammie arrived, I ran to grab my camera. And I immediately noticed on one of the lower corners of my most prized and precious belongings (my camera, of course), ..... gasp! a chip and scratch. Yes - there was a chip in the corner, an actual little chunk missing. Albeit a small one, a scar none the less. An indication that something horrible had happened to my camera. Yet, I have no idea what. I don't recall dropping it. My loving husband and oldest child don't recall dropping it. I just don't know. Only the camera knows what really happened. I do know that the battery compartment doesn't hold the battery in the way it used too- however, closing the door to the compartment holds the battery in place, so the camera does function. However, this is the final product: Nice, huh? I have manipulated the camera over and over. Trying. Praying. Hoping. Wishing. That it would just work. And work nicely. I have been able to get some minor improvements. Still a little fuzzy and the color is way off. But hey, it is an improvement. A step in the right direction. Speaking of direction, can anyone tell us which way to go? Every which way we turned took us to another dead end in this Fort Worth Cow Town human maze.Ahhhhh...That's better! Now we can see just which way to turn next. And the turn after that. And the one after that...and the one...oh, never mind. It was hopeless. We did manage to find our way out...without cheating. And it only took us 21 minutes.
And it only took Logan 21 seconds to polish off his very own miniature ice cream cone! Would you just look at that look of anticipation on that babies precious face!? I imagine that would be the look on my face if someone placed one of these in front of me on my high chair tray: ohhhhh baby! I can only imagine how much fun that would be to play with! Sigh. Maybe someday. Until then:

There will just be lots more pictures like this. Fuzzy. Off color. Almost glowing. Glowing is good, isn't it?

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