Thursday, May 14, 2009

All Tucked In

This is what my loving husband saw the other night when he checked on our oldest: Of course after telling me what the situation was like in Lukas' room, I ran to grab the camera before entering the room to check things out for myself. And here's what I saw:OK. Do you see what I see? No? Well look closer:Puppy. All tucked in. Complete with his own pillow, on his own side of the bed. Precious puppy. Puppy has a long story of his own little life as the beloved comfort toy of Lukas. Puppy has been all over the country. Puppy has also been left behind in numerous hotel rooms. Always to be returned to us via the USPS. Still intact and happy to be home in the arms of his biggest fan - Lukas. Precious puppy.

Precious Lukas.

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lynda said...

Our granson had a puppy he loved and carried to bed every night. That puppy is now 16 years old, has been washed, sealed and put away. Who knows, someday he might get to come out of the bag and be loved by another baby boy.