Friday, May 22, 2009

Banana Spilts, for real.

This is Lukas.
This is Lukas with his very first banana split.
This is obviously a very excited Lukas. Lukas earned one of those Free Dipped Cone cards from Dairy Queen last week. So in my moment of weakness the other day, I pulled into the drive through lane of our local Dairy Queen. As we are sitting there, Lukas says to me "Mamma, I want the three point four nine one." Confused, I said "what are you talking about?" He proceeds to point to the picture of the banana split. And below it is reads: $3.49. "Ahhhhh. So you don't want to use your coupon on this day, eh?" is my response. And as Lukas starts to talk about this picture of this banana split stating all the colors, how much ice cream there is...etc., my mind drifts far, far, far away. To a time long ago. A time when I could so easily be places upon my daddy's shoulders. He would set me up on those shoulders, take his hat off and let me brush his hair all the way downtown to Dairy Queen. I can still see the red benches that lined the front wall of the store where the walk-up order window was. This particular Dairy Queen had no inside seating. You either drive up or walk up. We walked. Every time. My dad would order one banana split and we'd sit on those benches and share our favorite treat together.

May 26 will mark the three year anniversary of my daddy's passing. May 27 he would have turned 68. *sigh*. I miss you so much daddy!

Well, after my fond memories of my banana split days, how could I turn my oldest child away from such a special, sweet, treat!? So we ordered up Lukas his very own banana split and took it home. Can you feel the excitement this has radiated?I mean look at all that sweetness! It's almost too much for me to handle! Help me now!

The first bite:

Look at that anticipation! But wait....what's that I see??It looks as though someone else might have a slight interest in the sweetness upon the table!Our little one already is very aware of what he is missing out on. Don't worry, I made Lukas share a few bites. In between my stolen bites, that is. Then this happened:Snap back to reality. Ooops! The "Sorry mamma!" was followed by exactly 43.2 minutes of crying. Bawling, actually. Poor guy. Oh well. After many reassurances that there will be more banana splits, our oldest was able to relax a little.

And there will indeed be many more banana splits! And I just know that my daddy is enjoying one right now. The best one he has ever had!


Kim Hodges said...

What a "sweet" post!

lynda said...

Poor Lukas. These picture's made me want to cry. Dairy Queen has the best banana splits!