Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Happy Baby

Well, actually he isn't technically a baby anymore. But I imagine both my boys will always be babies in my eyes. Their mamma, that's me.Would ya just look at those pearly whites? And see those two gaps there on the bottom? Well, Logan is very busy these days filling those spots in. If you look real close you might be able to see the little white buds.
Last night Logan had a blast in the tub. He always has a blast in the tub, but something about last night...he was just havin' more fun than usual.He had his tongue out most of the time too. He was so full of laughs. He would put the toys in, then pour them out so they would hit him...and the water would splash his tummy and chest. It was hysterical to him. And to me too. Just hearing his laugh is so heart warming. There's that tongue again....if you look closely. You know what though? This warms my heart even more. This smile. This happiness. This obvious love of life. This little boy has filled so many people's heart with warmth and joy: OH! Don't ya just wanna grab him and squeeze him till he pops??

I know you've seen the pictures from the fun bath time, but if you have a couple minutes you can watch the video and actually hear the happiness!

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lynda said...

Thanks! I needed a good smile!!!
He's a doll!