Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Newest LePage

Introducing Selah Eden Rose LePage:
Isn't she precious? She is the very first girl cousin!! Way to go Jonathan and Sara!! She is the little sister of this sweet boy:That's the Micah boy! Gettin' some sweetness!

The Texas LePage's loaded up the car for Memorial Day weekend and drove north. A. Very. Long. Way. 694.3 miles to be exact. St. Louis, Missouri. The boys traveled very well. Thanks to portable DVD players, Nintendo DS's and Elmo! Oh, and fruit snacks and crackers. PaPaw was there. So was Gammie.And Aunt Jess too.

So, just enjoy the pictures. We had a blast and I think they will speak for themselves!

Yep. We had a good time. Life is great. Family is precious. God is so good to us all!

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