Friday, November 7, 2008

Giving Thanks

Lists. I love lists. I really do. Christmas card lists, Christmas wish lists, the what-to-pack-for-the-Holiday-vacation list, grocery list for Thanksgiving Dinner. It's just that time of year for lists. And, I know I am not alone. I know I have friends who also feel the same absolute joy and fulfilment of Making The List.

I am also good at keeping other lists. You know the ones. The list of how many ways someone has hurt me. The list of all the injustices forced upon me. The list of all my losses, failings and inadequacies. The list of all the what-ifs. These are not the lists I write down. And they are not the lists I am proud of. Isn't it remarkable how quickly we can recall these lists in detail when we are down? Why is it that when one situation brings pain…it revives the wounds of other situations that are similar? Sometimes I wish our brains could just permanently erase things. But then we would have to erase some of the good too...and who wants to do that? He says that there will be trials and tribulations. BUT:

My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life. ps 119:50

One of our beloved missionaries in the Glenwood Church of Christ, Cheryl, has been making a list called One Thousand Gifts. Actually - I think she started it over a year ago. But I have thought about that blog post of hers so much in the last year and every time she makes a new post of all that she is thankful for I feel more and more convicted to do the same. So, here I go in my effort to turn my focus...And give thanks.

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever. 1 chr 16:34

My goal is to post parts of the list over the next year. I’m working towards 1000….making note of the things that God is giving me everyday. And what better time to start than today - just as we all begin to 'Think Thanksgiving'. Yep. Today is the perfect day to start.

1. My precious boys.

2. The ability to hear the giggles of those boys.

3. A faithful and loving husband.

4. My husband playing with our kids.

5. Rain.

6. Church Family.

7. Cookies.

8. Memories of my daddy.

9. Friends.

10. Vacations.

11. A warm bed.

12. Wal-Mart.

13. The Internet and it's ability to help me stay in touch with friends and family.

14. Driving in the car with the windows down and sunroof open.

15. Hearing my oldest singing "Shout Hallelujah!"

16. Watching my youngest learn to clap his hands.

17. That my husband and I both have secure jobs.

18. For another day to live the life I have been given.

19. The health of my family and myself.

20. Changing of the seasons.

I hope this jogs you a little bit, like it has me. Perhaps you will feel the same convictions I have. I give my many thanks each day in my talks with God. This is a little out of my element. And that, my friends, is a good thing.


Sharon said...

Yep, I confess to being a list maker (good and bad) too. Thanks for the reminder, and encouragement! I'd be fearful of duplication with 100, let alone 1,000, yet that's another problem for another time. LOL

Kim Hodges said...

My kids love "Shout Hallelujah," too!