Saturday, November 1, 2008

Anybody else on a sugar high??

Well, it came and went. Again. It always does. Halloween. And now, the candy. Oh, the candy! Biggest thanks to all the strangers (and friends) out there who handed us all that sweetness! We had a great time. We joined my friend Stephanie and two of her three kids. The oldest and her husband were gone, cuz today marks the opening of "Huntin' Season." Up north - that day is a sacred holiday! And her family knows that cuz they have lived 'up north'.
Lukas had a great time. But I first have to start with this:Yes, that's a Mohawk. And yes, that's a white t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up, minus the cigarette carton. Yesterday was 50's day at Lukas' school. He was thrilled with his Mohawk. I should have taken a better picture, he has dark jeans on and they are rolled up as well. He really fit the part well. As he ran off into the school, my mind was cluttered with images of the movie Pleasantville. He coulda stepped right off the set! Proud mamma!
Then there is this: Yep, that's our Lukas. Never one to pose nicely or sweetly for a picture. Some day, I imagine, I will get used to it! That's the crew. Stephanie watches Logan for us a few hours a week so I can bring some kind of income home. Her kids are totally crazy for the baby... Aspen was dressed as a baby - if you couldn't already tell. Blake is Bible Man. And Lukas, of course, if Jeff Gordon. I found myself watching Lukas run around in his little jumpsuit and thinking, "wow, that COULD be him one day..." then my heart sank and I immediately started worrying about him and then flashes of all those car wrecks on the race tracks...*shutter*. Leave it to a mom to ruin a moment! Lukas - you can be whatever you wanna be! Don't ya ever let me hold ya back baby!

And this one is for my friend Sharon. I know, I never post photos of myself. It's not on purpose, I promise! It's just that I am always the one taking the picture. And last night as we were getting ready to trick or treat, Lukas saw me snapping all these pictures and he said, "here mommy, let me take the picture!" My heart melted and I gave my biggest smile! Maybe he won't be a NASCAR driver. He seems to have a knack with the camera:

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