Saturday, November 22, 2008

Legos & Lukas

Legos. A true childhood joy. Lukas didn't really have any interest in the bright and colorful blocks until about 6 months ago. And it's been nonstop since. He sure does get proud of his creations. I remember him bringing something into the bedroom and placing it on the dresser with strict orders to "leave it there and don't let anyone take it apart!" It would stay there for days...until my OCD would kick in and I would have the sudden urge to take it away from the bedroom and break it apart and place it neatly back in the Lego box. Would Lukas notice? You betcha, he'd notice. I got the biggest "awwwwww mommy! I built that for you!" sigh. What's an OCD mommy to do?
Logan has already developed a rather large interest in the bright blocks. It acutally started with the Big Yellow Bus that carried the over sized legos. Logan was all about the bus...and he would immediately turn the bus over and spin the wheels. Over and over. Eventually he turned to the blocks inside the bus. And now that he has discovered his older brothers littler - is that a word? legos he goes nuts with them. He gets so excited. My boys. They like their Legos. And I like when they can play together. It's the sweetest thing to witness: And just in case you forgot, Lukas is a boy of many faces..none of which smile sweetly or shyly - is that a word? for the camera.This is the best he could do. I wonder what his senior pictures will look like? I cant wait to see those in about 13 years...

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